3 Intriguing Mysteries That Are Keeping

The plot continues to thicken on tvN’s exciting new mystery drama “Awaken”!

“Awaken” is a murder mystery drama that follows the connections between mysterious events unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an enigmatic incident that took place in a village 28 years ago.

Just four episodes into its run, the drama has already given viewers countless mysteries to solve—and inspired a flurry of speculation about potential answers to those riddles.


Here are three of the mysteries that are keeping “Awaken” viewers on the edge of their seats:

1. What happened at the White Night Village, and could Do Jung Woo or Jamie be the serial killer?

Previously on “Awaken,” it was revealed that both Do Jung Woo (played by Namgoong Min) and Jamie (played by Lee Chung Ah) were from the White Night Village. Interestingly, however, this information only served to make each character more suspicious of the other—and they didn’t shy away from letting each other know just how strongly they suspected one another.

All the secrecy surrounding the White Night Village—and the trauma that gave Jamie her amnesia—has piqued viewers’ curiosity as to what exactly took place there all those years ago. The drama has also repeatedly raised the question of whether Do Jung Woo or Jamie could possibly be the serial killer that has the entire nation trembling in fear.

2. Who is sending Lee Ji Wook the advance warnings, and why?

In the latest episode of “Awaken,” Lee Ji Wook (played by Yoon Kyung Ho) came to the startling revelation that all of the advance warnings he received about the serial murders had been sent by someone on the special task force. The reporter realized that not only the advance warnings, but also the anonymous message he received from the person who had cracked the code had all been printed using the same printer. He therefore began to suspect Jamie, concluding that if the killer wasn’t Do Jung Woo, it was likely to be her.

The question remains of who is behind the advance warnings—and what is their true motive for sending them to Lee Ji Wook?

3. How are Son Min Ho and Oh Jung Hwan connected to the serial killings?

Viewers have been paying especially close attention to the mysterious character of Son Min Ho, the fifth “forewarned-murder” victim and the past leader of the White Night Village (played by Choi Jin Ho). In the latest episode of the drama, it came to light that he was involved in some shady back-door dealings with Oh Jung Hwan, the President’s Chief of Staff (played by Kim Tae Woo), and Jang Yong Sik, the CEO of the widely-used portal site MODU (played by Jang Hyuk Jin).

During a secret meeting between Son Min Ho’s lawyer and such powerful individuals, it was hinted that the topic of the White Night Village was a taboo that was not to be discussed. It remains to be seen whether these influential men have any relation to the serial killer case—and if so, what other secrets they might be hiding.

The next episode of “Awaken” will air on December 14 at 9 p.m. KST. 

What are your theories on these unsolved mysteries? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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