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How perfect is it that we can curl up during these trying times and put on some entertaining and hilarious “True Beauty”? This drama has been a delight to tune into, and with the love story getting stronger and Moon Ga Young’s hilarious antics becoming more fun, there is no doubt that “True Beauty” is a must-watch this holiday season! Keep reading to find out what we loved about episodes 3 and 4 of “True Beauty.”

Disclaimer: There are minor spoilers for the episodes ahead!

1. Su Ho kneeling to tend to Ju Gyeong’s wound

After Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) spends her days working hard to make sure Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) keeps his promise about not revealing her bare face, she has a complete meltdown. She hurts herself running an errand for Su Ho and unleashes all that she’s feeling onto him, but he empathizes with her and immediately helps treat her wound.


Su Ho has been pretty subtle with his feelings for Ju Gyeong up until now, but this is one of the first times that he makes it obvious. The act of him putting the ointment on her cut is so intimate and so caring that you can’t help but blush.

2. The love story between Lim Hee Gyeong and a teacher at Ju Gyeong’s school

Lim Hee Gyeong (Im Se Mi) first lays eyes on Ju Gyeong’s teacher by accident, but she makes sure that the second time is intentional. Hee Gyeong subconsciously drives to her little sister’s school in hopes that she can run into the teacher again. Fate is in store for her when she sees that he needs his tire fixed. Lim Hee Gyeong coming to the rescue and changing his tire like a boss was everything.

How cool is Im Se Mi as Hee Gyeong? Her character is a minor role but such a highlight. It’s so refreshing seeing a female character taking on unconventional norms and rescuing the guy. She was confident and knew what she was doing; we need more female characters like this in dramas!

3. Seeing Seo Jun and Ju Gyeong teasing each other

Unfortunately for Ju Gyeong and Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop), they discover that their mothers are good friends. So when Seo Jun is dragged to see Ju Gyeong’s mom, he bumps into Ju Gyeong and the two can’t help but poke fun at each other.

As much as some of you are Su Ho fans, you have to admit that this bickering and bantering between the two is so darn cute. Their chemistry with each other is so pleasant to watch. You can see that they have a total love-hate relationship with each other, and the vibes are infectious. I’m really looking forward to seeing the interaction between these two as the drama progresses!


4. Su Ho protecting Ju Gyeong from a two-timer

When Su Ho finds out that Ju Gyeong is getting set up on a date, he’s displeased and can’t seem to get her out of his mind. He’s worried about the kind of guy she’s meeting and automatically becomes protective of her. His concern goes so far as to him ditching his math competition in order to check in on Ju Gyeong during her date. He doesn’t understand exactly why he does it, but he can’t help but protect her.

It was pretty hot seeing Su Ho confront the two-timer and bring justice to Ju Gyeong. The flashback to how he got this guy to apologize to Ju Gyeong was kind of romantic in an “avenging the woman I love” kind of way. He just wants to make sure that her honor is protected, and we obviously can’t help but swoon over this!

5. The cameo appearance of Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon

When Su Ho goes to the movie theater, he mistakes Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon for Ju Gyeong and her date. He jumps at them thinking that they are about to kiss and is embarrassed to see that it’s not them.

If you watched “Extraordinary You” and totally shipped Baek Kyung (Lee Jae Wook) and Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon), then you’ll agree that this cameo appearance by them was absolute perfection. They incorporated the comic book element storyline from “Extraordinary You” into this cameo too, which made for a hilarious easter egg. I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing another cameo!

6. When Han Seo Jun lets his guard down and offers Ju Gyeong a ride home

Ju Gyeong gets stranded outside of a karaoke after she runs off with Seo Jun. She has no money and no way of getting back home, so she asks him to lend her some money. He’s quick to turn her down, but as she walks away, you can see his cold heart melt away.

This is the first moment where we get to see Seo Jun showing that he has some sort of feelings for Ju Gyeong. The way he tells her to get on the bike isn’t in the sweetest way, but it is definitely appealing. Regardless, we’re smitten with him, and it’s starting to show that deep down he does indeed care about her.

7. Su Ho realizing his feelings for Ju Gyeong

Imagine a cute boy like this, lying in bed and thinking of you.

After Su Ho is confronted by Seo Jun and is asked whether he likes Ju Gyeong, he lies in bed realizing that his feelings are real. You can see the emotions on his face, and the thoughts racing through his mind about the various moments he had with her. Whether he likes it or not, he has developed some strong feelings for Ju Gyeong. We see that these feelings may have stemmed from when they met as children, but he is now very much in like with her. How cute is it that he keeps every little thing she’s given him? Now that’s a sign that you’re totally in love!

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