Listen: BTS's Jimin Reveals New Song

BTS’s Jimin has a Christmas gift for fans!

On December 24, Jimin shared a new song titled “Christmas Love” that was produced by Slow Rabbit, Jimin, and RM.

Jimin also posted on BTS’s blog to explain the meaning behind the song. Read his translated post below:

ARMY, hello. This is Jimin.
Did you receive my Christmas gift?
I wanted all of you to hear this song, and I’m very, very happy that it was possible.
I’m here today to tell you a little bit about the reason why I’m sharing such a bright song during such difficult times. As you can tell by the lyrics, this song contains the emotions I felt in one of my favorite childhood memories, which is when I first saw thick snow falling.

I think that as we grow, we really grow to miss our childhood.

Regardless of whether or not we’re in this kind of situation, I think that we remember our pure, innocent selves of the past and want to return to those days.
The responsibility that comes with growth, that responsibility makes our innocent selves grow, and I think that makes us hide our emotions a little bit.
But I believe we still have those emotions inside us.
So even if it feels childish, why don’t we express those emotions?
I think it would be nice if today is the day that happens.

All of you are always worthy of receiving love.
So instead of saying the commonly used phrase “cringe,” even if it’s a bit embarrassing, I hope that the time when we can enjoy our time together will come soon.
The song is somewhat lacking compared to this grand post I’ve written, but I created the song hoping that everyone will be happy.
I hope that you can listen to the song and be taken back to the memories you treasure.

Listen to Jimin’s “Christmas Love” here:

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