10 Male K-Pop Idols Whose Screams Are So High Only Dolphins Can Understand Them

We’ve all got our unique talents, whether it be solving a Rubik’s cube at record speed or pulling off that really cool acrobatic trick. These idols’ talents are just a little more out there – their screams are so high, we’re willing to bet that they could communicate with dolphins! Without further ado (and consider this your volume warning!) here are 10 idols who’ve got some spectacularly high-pitched screams.

1. Stray Kids’ I.N

Stray Kids’ maknae has some pretty amazing hidden talents, from singing trot to letting the dolphins know what’s up! You know that I.N is really pumped about something when he breaks out the dolphin screams. That’s certainly a unique way of showing excitement!

2. TXT’s Huening Kai

Another power maknae with a serious set of lungs, TXT’s Huening Kai has got a super endearing scream-laugh that is equal parts adorable and ear-shattering. Combined with the pitch of his screeches, it’s surprising that dolphins didn’t come swimming to the sound!

3. The Boyz’s Q

Not only are Q’s screams incredibly high-pitched, they’re also super loud! His screech clocked in at roughly the same volume as a jet engine, which is seriously impressive stuff. Given the fact that screaming seems to be an everyday part of Q’s vocabulary, it’s amazing that the members of The Boyz still have their hearing!

4. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

The entire vocal line of SEVENTEEN was rocking some pretty high notes in this challenge, but dolphins everywhere could probably hear Woozi’s screams! The full-body movement as he tried to out-scream the rest of the vocal line only added to the hilarity, and the whistle-like sound that came out of his mouth was some A+ dolphin speak.

5. ASTRO’s Sanha

ASTRO’s maknae is known for being pretty loud, but his screams are off the charts! His general excitability and fear of bugs has led to some really loud, super high-pitched screams over the course of the group’s career, so he’s really perfected that dolphin-like sound.

6. AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi

While this ghost prank from “Produce 101” was certainly memorable on all fronts, the screams of former Wanna One member and current AB6IX member Lee Dae Hwi are unforgettable! It’s almost surprising that he didn’t break the glass with the power of his dolphin screams.

7. CRAVITY’s Seongmin

This behind-the-scenes video shot at an abandoned resort building was full of hijinks, with the older members of the group setting up jump scares and other hilarious pranks for the younger members. Maknae Seongmin seemed especially shocked, showing off his ear-splitting dolphin scream after leader Serim popped up from behind a window!

8. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk

Four of the members of MONSTA X managed to scream out some impressively high pitches, but the real dolphin scream master is undoubtedly vocalist Minhyuk! Plus, he’s got a super high whistle-like laugh that just makes you want to laugh along with him.

9. SF9’s Chani

This cutthroat game of “Cleopatra” revealed some super high-pitched screams from the members of SF9, but maknae Chani took the win with an unbelievably high scream that totally shocked the other members of the group. He could probably even talk to bats with a voice like that!

10. NCT’s Chenle

Arguably K-pop’s king of the dolphins, Chenle’s been rocking his high-pitched laugh and screams of excitement since debut. His laugh is basically legendary among NCTzens, and no variety show or behind-the-scenes footage is complete without Chenle’s dolphin-like sounds of joy.

Do you know any other idols with surprisingly dolphin-like screams? Tell us in the comments!

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