11 K-Pop Stars Whose Skills Show They Could've Had Careers Singing Trot

For those who don’t know, trot is a distinctly Korean musical style with its own unique sound. While it tends to be a style that’s most popular among the older generations in South Korea, lots of our favorite K-pop idols have revealed themselves to be huge fans of the genre. It’s certainly a departure from the usual K-pop sound, but there are some idols out there who have proved their versatility as artists by being able to sing both! In no particular order, here are just 11 of them!

1. Stray Kids’ I.N

I.N may be the maknae of Stray Kids, but he’s definitely old at heart! He’s been very vocal about his love of trot ever since the group’s debut, and his hilarious trot interpretations of Stray Kids’ EDM-based tracks never fail to make fans laugh. I.N recently showed off his gorgeous trot vocals in his audition for “Favorite Entertainment,” and the judges were immediately enamored by him. I.N is definitely a trot star in the making!

2. Red Velvet’s Joy

Joy may be Red Velvet’s lead rapper, but she can totally sing trot! She liked trot music as a child, and it was this love of music that inspired her to be a performer. Her clear, slightly nasal tone is perfectly suited to singing trot, and the joy that trot brings her is easy to see when she’s singing it! Her magnetic stage presence and unique voice would definitely make her a trot sensation.

3. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae

BTOB’s Yook Sungjae is well-known for his powerful vocals and outgoing personality, so it’s no surprise that he totally won everyone over with his amazing trot covers when he appeared on “My Ugly Duckling” earlier this year, even gaining the approval of the celebrity moms on the panel. If he can impress the mom of Super Junior-T member Heechul, then he could definitely be a trot all-star!

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4. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon has added to the group’s success with a stunning solo career, showing off her incredibly high-powered vocals and wowing fans with her performances. It should be no surprise, then, that this talented vocalist can also sing trot! She’s totally got the style down pat, and her versatility as a pop and trot performer is mind-blowing. Maybe one day she’ll add some trot to her solo repertoire!

5. SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

Another power vocalist with some hidden trot skills, SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan would undoubtedly be an amazing trot singer. His bright stage presence and 4D personality would definitely lend themselves well to some outlandishly brilliant trot stages, and his ability to cover that distinct trot sound means that it’s not difficult to imagine him releasing a great trot album. We’d love to see it!

6. EXID’s Solji

EXID’s Solji is such a good trot singer that she could even teach a class on the subject! She may have originally been an R&B singer before joining EXID, but she could certainly have a future in trot too. She’s totally mastered the trot singing style, and her enthusiasm for trot is totally contagious. Who wouldn’t want to see her killing it up there on stage with a bopping trot song?!

7. PENTAGON’s Yeo One

PENTAGON members Yeo One and Hui both auditioned for “Favorite Entertainment” recently, wowing judges and fans with their talents. Yeo One’s distinct vocal color and expressive performances make him perfectly suited to the genre, and he nailed all of the little vocal accents that make trot special. We’d love to see him debut along with Hui in the final lineup for the show and shake up the music scene with his trot prowess.

8. Apink’s Jung Eun Ji

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji is such a good trot singer that she even starred in a drama called “Trot Lovers” back in 2014 and totally blew everyone away with her trot skills! Her vocals were arguably one of the best parts of the entire drama, and viewers were treated to Eun Ji’s amazing performances several times over the course of the show. After watching this scene, how could you not want more!?

9. The Boyz’s Sangyeon

With their recent win on “Road To Kingdom,” The Boyz have been making some serious waves in K-pop as of late. However, leader Sangyeon has also proven that he’d be an amazing trot star as well! His duet with singer Yoon Sohyun was definitely memorable, and Sangyeon had no problem keeping up with the trot star. The audience was clearly loving it, and Sangyeon looked like he was having a great time as well!

10. IU

There really are no limits to IU’s vocal capabilities! Her ability to pull off any genre that she tries is truly enviable, and it’s all thanks to her stellar vocals and flawless stage presence. Even in this casual karaoke-like setting, her voice is truly angelic! IU has expressed interest in trying out some trot songs for her next album, so hopefully we’ll get to hear her trot debut very soon.

11. BTS’s Jungkook

This trot cover by BTS’s maknae Jungkook may not have been taken too seriously, but his skills are no joke! He’s gifted fans with some hilarious trot renditions of BTS’s tracks in the past and proven his abilities a couple of times with some great karaoke covers. His talent would definitely cause a stir in the trot world, and we’re sure that there are lots of ARMYs out there who would love to see Jungkook’s trot debut!

What other idols do you think could be trot stars? Let us know in the comments below!

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