Kim Sejeong Writes Heartfelt Letter About gugudan's Disbandment + Sally And Nayoung Share Posts

More members of gugudan have come forward to share their thoughts about the group’s disbandment.

Earlier this week, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that the girl group would be officially disbanding on December 31, 2020. Afterward, leader Hana took to the group’s official fan café to share a letter about the news.

On December 31, Kim Sejeong wrote a heartfelt letter of her own on her personal Instagram account.

Now that I’ve finally finished work, I can look back on things and share some words. I thought about writing a handwritten letter, but since I knew I would erase and rewrite a lot, so I’m just uploading it as text.

In 2014, I entered the practice room for the first time and exchanged awkward greetings with the other members. I remember how we first practiced together and all the moments that joined us into one team. All in all, it’s been about six years since we first began practicing together as a team.

In 2015, when I received an offer to appear in auditions for “Produce 101,” I remember telling the PD [producing director] that I wanted to debut with the other members and I had faith that we would debut soon, so I didn’t want to accept the offer. At some point, it just became obvious to me that I would make my start alongside these members. I had that much faith in our talent and I knew what amazing people they were.

I remember when I first became part of the debut lineup at the agency. I was just an ordinary student preparing to major in practical music. I had a strong individualistic streak that made it hard for me to blend in while singing or dancing in a girl group. Of course, I was also a girl going through puberty and being extremely stubborn. But it was the members who taught me how to relax, understand other people, and take care of the small things that are necessary when starting out in a job for the first time. Because of them, I felt with my whole heart that it would be fun if I could be in a team with these people.

Hana, who led me in even the smallest details when I didn’t yet know how to be a functioning member of society. Sojin [Soyee], whom I always feel apologetic toward because she always approached me first and I was too shy to reach back and created distance between us. Nayoung, who knows me so well that we don’t even need to speak. Hyeyeon, who was young then and has probably grown up a lot now, whose feelings I can understand. Haebin, who acted as a mentor to me and talked to us and tried to understand us. Mimi, who had a strong sense of responsibility for her position as the eldest member, and with whom I had a sense of distance because we were late in becoming friends, I am both grateful and sorry. Liu Xie Ning [Sally], whom I found cute because she was still learning Korean, but whom I feel apologetic and concerned about now because I wasn’t able to recognize her deep heart and her scars. Mina, who could have leaned on us more and complained more as the youngest member, but who catches my heart now because I feel like I stood in the way of that young mind too early.

gugudan, who could not help being precious to me, whom I cannot forget. Tomorrow, the effect of our name will fade, but I am trying to comfort my empty heart with the thought that the times we spent together and the memories only we know about will always stay on the page that we wrote together.

I am both happy for and sorry about the past four years and six months that we dreamed together of the same goal. All the stories and thoughts I have to share are too much to be written through words, and I don’t want other people to misunderstand and make presumptions about things that only we understand. Instead of listing them all, I want to say that I am sorry. Even if it was no one’s fault or intention, I want to say that I was always sorry to the members. And more than anything, I was grateful to them.

I will conclude this text with a message to Danjjak [fandom name]. As a young person, I felt that anyone who was not my family could not be forever on my side, so I put myself at a distance from you. But you opened my heart little by little and made me have faith that you are always on my side. I will swallow words like ‘I’m sorry,’ which will only cause them pain, and instead tell them that I have always been grateful to them and that they made me truly happy.

I love gugudan and Danjjak, who will remain forever as happy memories for me. (I wrote this quickly, so I’m sorry that it’s late and that the grammar and content is all over the place… I’m sorry. Thank you for reading this long message.

On December 30, Sally wrote in Chinese on Weibo:

Now that I look back, it was a cold winter like this when I first went abroad. At that time, I could only think about going there, working hard, and doing what I loved. When I first stood on stage, it felt good. I learned about performing, and I came to love the stage. I’m grateful to myself for having worked hard and endured for several years and I’m also grateful to the friends who were with me during that time. Let’s comfort each other and go toward our individual goals together. I hope that your path is peaceful. Fighting!

Nayoung shared a photo on Instagram of the members’ hands together.

On January 1, Mimi wished fans a happy new year on Stories and said that she would share her letter tomorrow after she took some time to organize some things.

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