13 K-Pop Idols With Interesting YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the main online platforms that have housed K-pop for as long as we can remember. It is also one of the reasons why K-pop turned into the universal phenomenon it is today. During the past few years, many idols have created their own YouTube channels to share bits of their daily lives and connect more with their fans.

With a previous listicle being featured a while back, here is a complementary selection of idols who are entertaining Youtubers!

1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (@탱구TV)

Taeyeon’s channel is a mix of vlogs highlighting her casual days and snippets of her life on stage. She features moments from rehearsals to her preparation process behind the scenes all the way to exclusive content from her concert performances. The idol’s fans are surely blessed to get a closer look at the dynamics of her life, even if it’s been over a year since she uploaded new videos. Let’s hope she makes a comeback on YouTube very soon!

2. Oh My Girl’s Hyojung (@쩡이언니)

Hyojung’s fans are surely spoiled! Her content is as versatile as her spirit: vlogs, song covers, recipes, and even mukbangs (eating broadcast). Plus, Jung (as she calls herself on her channel) has an aura that is so lively, her videos can be enjoyed by anyone as long as they can handle watching her prepare and eat all those delicious meals!

3. Oh My Girl’s Mimi (@밈PD)

Another Oh My Girl member who enjoys recording covers and hosting mukbangs – or as she calls them, mlogs – is Mimi. She also uploads killer dance routines that she learns from universal choreographers: no wonder she’s one of the main dancers of the group!

4. Apink’s Yoon Bomi (@뽐뽐뽐)

Yoon Bomi is another idol who has a little bit of everything on her channel. From travel vlogs to Q&A sessions, you will undoubtedly be entertained. One thing that the Apink member also does is makeup tutorials. With her light-spirited and confident character, you’d think she’s a professional makeup artist – even if she states that she isn’t.

5. Apink’s Hayoung (@오하빵)

Hayoung is another member of Apink to do YouTube, and everything on her channel is worth the watch. Perhaps some of her most intriguing segments are the gaming-related ones, where her excitement and playfulness are a total mood. Have you seen her play “Among Us” before? Take a look if you haven’t, you won’t regret it!

6. T-ara’s Jiyeon (@지연)

Jiyeon has an interesting compilation of videos on her channel. Other than promoting her solo release, her topics include beauty, dance covers, and travelogs. She also uploads clips where her audience gets to learn more about her. One more fun segment that appeals to some people is ASMR, where Korean pickled radish, cracked knuckles, and a sofa drop are the guests of honor in this video of a previously launched quiz.

7. BLACKPINK’s Lisa (@Lilifilm Official)

With BLACKPINK’s hectic schedule, you wouldn’t expect the members to have time to upload on their social media, let alone open a YouTube channel. Well, Lisa refuted this assumption and joined the platform which earned her over 4 million subscribers with only nine dance videos over two years. She even had one of her videos go viral, and if you haven’t seen it, you must have at least come across the meme that came from it!

8. iKON’s Chanwoo (@찬우살이)

iKON’s evil maknae is the sweetest storyteller on his YouTube channel where he shares various aspects of his daily life. With over 100 videos, Chanwoo has probably introduced every possible topic that may be of interest to fans and avid YouTube watchers alike. In the following video, he chooses three lucky winners to gift them various giveaways signed by him.

9. MAMAMOO’s Solar (@솔라시도 solarsido)

MAMAMOO’s leader has made many fans happy with her flamboyant channel that she calls “Solarsido,” which is quite a convenient musical wordplay of her name. Like many of the aforementioned idol YouTubers, Solar tries to include her fans in her regular activities as much as possible. For example, she took on a hand soap making challenge to prepare thank you gifts for people who have been there for her, and dare I say, the outcome is bubbly.

10. EXO’s Baekhyun (@백현 Baekhyun)

It only takes one look at Baekhyun’s channel to know that he is a certified professional vlogger, and a glimpse at his view count shows that he is a very successful one too. Bonus: his smile alone is enough to brighten your day! Here is a throwback video to when he was in Dubai with SuperM.

11. EXO’s Chen (@CHEN)

As opposed to his fellow member, Chen’s channel is all about music. Can you blame him? With golden vocals like his, recording covers are all you need to make your mood a teensy bit better every day. You can even make a wholesome playlist from his uploads alone, and you’ll have yourself a stellar cover album by the one and only Chen.

12. HyunA (@HyunA)

HyunA brings something new to the table that fans are not used to seeing in the K-pop industry: idol couple videos. Joined by DAWN on more than one occasion, she aims to provide useful content for her fans. For instance, her latest video to date was themed as a counseling center where she would give advice to some of her fans in the hopes that it would alleviate their burden. We love a thoughtful artist!

13. IU (@이지금 [IU Official])

In case you didn’t notice, IU’s YouTube channel is not only about her music. MV releases, special clips, and promotions aside, it is also a personal space where she invites other personalities on her platform. This interview of her by her own brother is one of many videos where we get to see Lee Ji Eun onscreen!

Which idol YouTuber is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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