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tvN’s “True Beauty” released a new behind-the-scenes video!

The new making-of video begins with the cast sharing their letters of apology. Hwang In Yeop points out that Park Yoo Na’s writing slants upwards, and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo jokingly comments that Kang Min Ah has written some before. Kang Min Ah responds, “I haven’t written letters of apology. I’m kind!”

Park Yoo Na and Moon Ga Young also compare their characters’ wallets. Moon Ga Young reveals, “This is a designer label. I only have 3,000 won (approximately $3 dollars).” Park Yoo Na shares, “I have a lot,” and Moon Ga Young pouts at the differences in their wallets.

At the baseball stadium, Kang Min Ah and Moon Ga Young share that they’re wearing couple clothing. Kang Min Ah adds, “We’re a carrot.” She points to Lee Il Joon and comments, “This oppa is a carrot all on his own. Suho (played by Cha Eun Woo), why didn’t you match colors with us?” Moon Ga Young replies, “It’s okay. It’s okay since he’s pretty.”

Furthermore, Jung Gun Joo talks about his special appearance on the show as Ryu Hyung Jin. He shares, “Through a connection with director Sang Hyub, I was thankfully able to make a special cameo. When I came on set, I was so happy to see the staff of ‘Extraordinary You.’ I think I was able to film comfortably. Everyone is working hard on the set even though it’s cold, so please love ‘True Beauty’ a lot. Please tune into the show.”

Back at the stadium, Hwang In Yeop secretly mouths, “He’s also mine,” while Cha Eun Woo isn’t paying attention. When Hwang In Yeop is with Moon Ga Young at the mall, he shares, “I really bought so much makeup, it feels like there isn’t anything I don’t know.” He explains, “I had to do makeup on my own when I was a model.” Hwang In Yeop continues to reveal his knowledge about makeup, and he even adds that he understands why there are so many red shades of lipsticks.

In a different clip, Cha Eun Woo calls Moon Ga Young clumsy and sloppy for making food stains on her stockings. However, the director defends her sand says, “It probably splattered when Suho was giving her ramen.” Moon Ga Young agrees, “That’s right, director. I almost fell for your lie.”

Watch the full making-of video below!

“True Beauty” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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