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True Beauty” has shared some points to get excited about as the show begins its second act!

Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “True Beauty” is a romantic comedy starring Moon Ga Young as Lim Ju Gyeong, a girl who tries to combat her insecurities about her looks through her makeup skills, which turn her into a “goddess” at school. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo stars as Lee Su Ho, a popular student who secretly harbors his own emotional wounds, while Hwang In Yeop plays Han Seo Jun, an untamable rebel with a surprisingly warm heart.

See three points to look forward to as the drama heads into its latter half!

1. What’s next for the intriguing love triangle

Many fans are looking forward to seeing the romance between Ju Gyeong and Su Ho, now that they’ve confirmed their shared feelings for each other. Ju Gyeong had been avoiding Su Ho because she misunderstood and thought that he liked Su Jin (Park Yoo Na). However, Su Ho only has eyes for Ju Gyeong, and he confessed his feelings to her. They then shared a kiss, making everyone excited for their upcoming romance.

Meanwhile, Seo Jun took care of Ju Gyeong when she was sick, and he performed at the talent show after she’d said she wanted to hear him sing. Although Seo Jun knows that Ju Gyeong has feelings for Su Ho, he tried to comfort her when she cried over Su Ho. He is not aware that Ju Gyeong and Su Ho have confirmed their feelings for each other, and many viewers are wondering how the story of their love triangle will develop.

2. The interesting story of the characters growing

In the second half of the show, viewers will get to see further personal growth in the characters. Ju Gyeong, who had very low self-esteem because of her complex over her looks, is transforming in a positive way thanks to makeup and her relationships with the people around her. On top of that, her self-esteem is returning because of Su Ho loving her as she is and saying she’s beautiful even without makeup.

At the same time, Su Ho is tearing down some of the walls he’s put up to defend himself, thanks to Ju Gyeong. He’s growing closer to friends and he even took a photo together with Ju Gyeong. Fans are looking forward to seeing how the two characters transform as they help heal each other’s wounds.

In addition, many are wondering if Su Ho and Seo Jun will be able to mend their broken friendship. In the past, they grew apart after the death of their best friend Se Yeon (SF9’s Chani). Seo Jun blamed Su Ho for his death, and he furiously told Su Ho not to be happy. However, Su Ho has shown his deep wound over this past because of his reaction to Se Yeon’s song, and he also helped with Seo Jun’s mother’s surgery even though Seo Jun pushed him away. Many fans are curious to see if they can repair their friendship.

3. More tales of romance

In addition to Ju Gyeong and Su Ho’s romance, there are other captivating relationships in the show. Fans are particularly interested in the romance between Ju Gyeong’s sister Hee Gyeong (Im Se Mi) and the homeroom teacher Joon Woo (Oh Eui Shik). Joon Woo began to open up his heart thanks to Hee Gyeong’s confident and forward advances, and they even shared a passionate kiss. Many viewers are rooting for them and wondering what will happen next in their love story.

On top of that, Ju Gyeong’s younger brother Ju Young (Kim Min Ki) is showing an interest in Seo Jun’s younger sister Go Woon (Yeo Joo Ha). However, Go Woon hasn’t given Ju Young even the slightest of chances, making many curious to see what will occur.

The production team of “True Beauty” said, “The second half of ‘True Beauty’ is starting. We plan to make viewers’ hearts race as the romantic atmosphere between Ju Gyeong, Su Ho, and Seo Jun deepens. At the same time, we’re also adding fun and interesting elements such as the stories of how Ju Gyeong, Su Ho, and Seo Jun grow, as well as a variety of other romances. Please look forward to it a lot.”

“True Beauty” next airs on January 13 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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