MONSTA X's Shownu Talks About His Love For Delivery Food And His Upcoming Variety Show

MONSTA X’s Shownu recently participated in an interview to promote his upcoming pilot variety show.

Titled “Are You Hungry for Delivery? Just Order It!” (literal translation), the pilot variety show is a joint project with MBC and SM C&C Studio. It digs deeper into South Korea’s large food delivery industry and shows the changes in eating out due to COVID-19 in a more positive light, finding ways to adapt to and find fun in the new norm.

MONSTA X recently appeared on the TV show “The Manager,” where the members were seen ordering a lot of food even in the morning. In the interview, Shownu said, “We live in a dorm, so we do order a lot of takeout. I usually order something with rice. Either Korean food like kimchi stew or simple, easy-to-eat food like kimbap, tonkatsu, and jjajangmyun. On special days I might order something like pasta or pizza.”

Of all the hosts on the show, Shownu is the youngest. He said, “There wasn’t anything especially difficult [about being the youngest]. The older members were all food experts, so I felt like I had to think more carefully about how I expressed myself about the food.”

He shared a memorable restaurant from the show, saying, “Around the first episode, there was a delivery place where we got spicy stir-fried pork, kimchi stew, and a rolled omelet at the same time. The combination of those three foods was really good, but also the stir-fried spicy pork was different from those at regular fast-food restaurants. It had some fat on the meat, so the ratio of meat to fat was really good.”

He continued, “I spend a lot of time thinking about what to order, about what might be good. I’m sure that the viewers also spend a lot of time thinking about it. But our show has the theme, ‘Just order it!’, so I hope that we can solve some of the viewers’ curiosity about what there is to eat through delivery out there.”

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