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If you’re like me, you have been finding yourself counting down the days until you can watch the newest episode of “True Beauty.” The cast, the story, the humor, the visuals, all of it has got us giggling for joy while watching. If you’re also like me, your heart has been going back and forth between the two male lead characters, Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop), but this week, let’s pay homage to the heartthrob second lead. Here are six Seo Jun moments from the most recent episodes that had us thinking about him all week long.


Note: Spoilers for episodes 9 and 10 ahead.

1. Seo Jun’s broken heart

After the class field trip, Seo Jun is feeling pretty down. On the last night of the trip, Lim Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) tells Seo Jun that she has feelings for Su Ho which confirms Seo Jun’s heartbreaking nightmare. He knows that he has to back off from Ju Gyeong and not act like himself at school. His friends are even wondering why Seo Jun is not his confident and jovial self.

Seo Jun being heartbroken has to be the saddest but most swoon-worthy sight ever. Seeing this bad boy melt into a puddle of sadness because of Ju Gyeong is enough to get a very severe case of second-lead syndrome. His heart is so big and he’s just so in love!

2. The sizzling photo shoot.

This photo shoot…

was intensely on fire.

Look at the way Seo Jun looks at Ju Gyeong!


Ju Gyeong fatefully runs into Seo Jun while he’s doing a photo shoot for a clothing company. The photographer convinces Ju Gyeong to join in on the shoot and Seo Jun is forced to get up close to her while taking pictures.

Seo Jun being uncomfortable and shy at the beginning of the shoot was so endearingly innocent and cute. His confession to Ju Gyeong, “I’m a man too,” made all our hearts skip a beat, didn’t it? Seo Jun only longs for Ju Gyeong to look at him as a man instead of a friend. It’s moments like these that seem to be taking our breath away!

3. Seo Jun being in awe of Ju Gyeong’s beauty

Seo Jun gets Ju Gyeong a job at the cafe he had previously worked at. He obviously cares about her and wants to help her out, which is why he goes to the trouble of connecting her with his old boss. When she shows up to work, she puts her hair up in a ponytail and Seo Jun can’t help but have an overwhelming amount of butterflies for her in that moment.

So shook.

This part is sweet but also pretty sad, mainly because we know that Seo Jun can’t be with Ju Gyeong. It only emphasizes how much Seo Jun really likes Ju Gyeong and how much he can only watch her from a distance. He even channels his anger about this by getting frustrated at her for putting her hair up in a ponytail. Classic Seo Jun!

4. Seo Jun wanting Ju Gyeong to tie his shoelaces

After a long day at work, Seo Jun takes Ju Gyeong home on the bus. He comes up with the excuse of wanting to visit his little sister at the comic book store that she works at, but he secretly just wants to spend more time with Ju Gyeong. While walking together, Ju Gyeong notices that Seo Jun’s laces are untied and ends up tying them for him. Seo Jun is so touched by this that he quickly unties them again in hopes that she would do it again.


And how can we forget the glowing smile on his face?


This smile on Seo Jun’s face made us all smile. There’s no hiding his feelings and it’s written all over his face all the time. As much as Seo Jun wants to keep his distance from Ju Gyeong, he can’t help himself and even lies in order to spend more time with her. He’s a romantic, what can we say?

5. How cute he is while making mandu

Seo Jun runs into Ju Gyeong’s mom while walking Ju Gyeong home and is invited by her to eat dinner. When they all go inside Ju Gyeong’s house, they realize that Su Ho is also there, as he was invited by Ju Gyeong’s father. The two are immediately compelled to compete with each other while making mandu in hopes of winning the affections of Ju Gyeong’s mom.

Who would have known that the tough and arrogant Seo Jun would end up getting his hands covered in flour making dumplings with the girl he likes? This only shows how good of a heart Seo Jun has and why team Seo Jun fans are flocking from all parts of the world to fangirl over him. Stop being so cute, Han Seo Jun!

6. Trying to make Ju Gyeong smile

After Ju Gyeong and Su Ho get into an argument, Ju Gyeong is in no mood to smile at work. Seeing how upset she is, Seo Jun tries to make her laugh by teasing her. He ends up being successful and she ends up smiling.


This was one of the highlights of this past week’s episodes. Seo Jun is so aware of Ju Gyeong’s feelings that he notices that she’s feeling down. He wants to see her smile, so he puts in the effort to do some silly things in order to make her happy. Even after knowing that her heart is with Su Ho, Seo Jun still wants to make her happy. On top of this, Seo Jun covers for Ju Gyeong at work while he insists she go talk things over with Su Ho. Ugh. The butterflies are real.

And now for the painful wait until next week’s episodes. Until then, check out the first episode of “True Beauty” here:

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