TVXQ's Yunho Talks About His Friendships With DinDin, Hwang Jung Min, And More On

On the January 16 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” TVXQ’s Yunho and DinDin appeared as guests.

During the show, Yunho and DinDin talked about their long-running friendship. When Kang Ho Dong said that Yunho must have a lot of close friends, Yunho said, “Changmin is like family, Son Ho Jun is someone I was friends with before I debuted, and I think DinDin is my closest friend of all the people I met while working.”

Kang Ho Dong asked which of the three he would rescue first from drowning, and DinDin said, “I would rather just drown.” But Yunho said, “Even if I had to put my life on the line, I would rescue all three of them. The most harmful thing to humans is trying to cut corners. Not being able to rescue all of them is an excuse.” DinDin quipped, “It would be my own sin if I fell in the water and Yunho had to rescue me.”

Yunho praised DinDin as someone who doesn’t confuse self-esteem and pride. “Pride is an inferiority complex where you’re always thinking about what others think of you,” he said. “Self-esteem is when you reflect on whether you’re on the right path before moving.”

Yunho is preparing for his solo comeback with the mini album “NOIR” and title track “Thank U.” As revealed in teasers, actors Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Hyun are making appearances in the music video for “Thank U.”

Yunho said, “I’m releasing a new mini album called ‘NOIR’ in January, and I filmed a music video for all six tracks. Hwang Jung Min appears in the music video for the title track, as well as Lee Jung Hyun from ‘Mr. Sunshine.’ Shin Ye Eun appears in the melodrama music video [‘La Rosa’].”

Seo Jang Hoon commented, “You’d need to sell a house to pay all those appearance fees,” but Yunho said, “The cool thing is that Hwang Jung Min said he didn’t need any appearance fees. In the past, I made a cameo in the film ‘Ode to My Father.’ It’s been about six or seven years since then, but when I asked him to appear in my music video, he said, ‘I remember when you readily agreed to help me that time. Make a cool music video and I’ll gladly help you.”

DinDin also talked about his respect for Yunho. “When my dad drinks, he gets really tired,” he said. “He’s a CEO, but there are times when he’s like, ‘I can’t go to work’ [because of a hangover]. But Yunho will always go to work no matter how much he drinks. And when I see him at work, he looks completely fine. So that’s why my dad is jealous of Yunho.”

In response, Yunho apologized to DinDin’s father on air and said, “DinDin has often said to me, ‘My dad is the best.'”

DinDin also talked about one of Yunho’s birthday parties that he attended. “We always meet up when it’s a birthday,” he said. “Yunho celebrated his birthday once at a jazz bar. There were about 18 men there. They were all friends of his from Gwangju. He suddenly suggested we perform at the bar. I quickly got the backing track for ‘DINDIN Is DINDIN’ and changed the lyrics to ‘Yunho is Yunho.’ Everyone at the bar sang along.”

DinDin shared that he had felt happy when Yunho mentioned him three times at a TVXQ concert that he attended. “He was up on stage and suddenly said, ‘I have to rap really well today,'” he reminisced. “A junior rapper that I’m friends with is here. I was like, ‘Is he talking about me? In front of all these Cassiopeia [TVXQ’s fandom name]?’ Right before he rapped, he said, ‘DinDin, I’m going to rap now!’ At the end of the concert, he thanked me as well. He also thanked Lee Soo Man. He mentioned Lee Soo Man once, and he mentioned me three times.”

Asked why he mentioned DinDin so many times, Yunho explained, “A lot of artists were there at the time, but DinDin was the friend who was known the least. I wanted to let more people know about him.”

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