TVXQ’s Yunho Shares Details On New Album “Noir,” What It Was Like Working With Shin Ye Eun, And More

TVXQ’s Yunho’s long awaited solo album “Noir” is now out!

In celebration, a press conference hosted by fellow TVXQ member Changmin was held on the morning of January 18. “Noir” is an album that expresses the various emotions residing within a man as different genres of movies.

Changmin commented, “Yunho not only put his soul into this album, but his entire DNA. He put in a lot of effort. The album captures all his passion.”

Yunho stated, “My first solo album, since it was my first after all, focused on being powerful. This time around, it was important to me that the listener could feel the emotions. I also paid attention to how to include my thoughts and values so that the listeners could relate to them. I thought about trends and values and worked to improve on the things I recognized through my first solo album. Thanks to this, I think it’s an album that is a little more laid back but still stays true to my essence.”

He added, “While my previous album focused on colors, this album focuses on showing a man’s life cinematically in black. I participated in production and as Changmin said, I have put my soul into this album.”

The title track is “Thank U,” a dramatic pop dance song about using criticisms as stepping stones to improving oneself. Yunho explained, “The song has a message of going my own way in my own style.”

The music video for “Thank U” features actors Hwang Jung Min and Lee Jung Hyun and has been rated 19+. On this, Yunho commented that Hwang Jung Min participated in the project asking for nothing in return. He went on to mention how polite and sweet Lee Jung Hyun was. He also explained, “While trying to make our action scenes as real and cinematic as possible, it ended up being rated 19+.”

Yunho worked with actress Shin Ye Eun for “La Rosa,” a sentimental piece about a couple that spends a sleepless night after breaking up and not being able to forget the other. About working with Shin Ye Eun, he said, “She said it was her first time featuring in a song. I think her joining me in the music video helped deliver the song’s emotions better. I heard she even took vocal lessons voluntarily prior to our recording. I think her passion is incredible and I am very thankful.”

In regards to his personal life, Yunho says his story is a “human” genre. He said, “There are many people pursuing start-ups. I think their stories are also stories of the “human” genre still in the making.”

Wrapping up the conference, Yunho commented, “Changmin and I are on our 18th year as TVXQ. I am simply thankful to be recognized for making new attempts. I would like to continue this path for a very long time in an easygoing and comfortable manner, like long-time artists Na Hoon Ah and Cho Yong Pil.”

Watch Yunho in the drama “Melo Holic” here!

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