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The only thing better than the main romance story of “True Beauty” is the developing bromance that has arisen in the most recent episodes. Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo) and Han Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop) were once best friends, but had a falling out which made them despise each other for most of the drama. It wasn’t until the most recent episodes that these two have been able to put their differences aside and show us their bromance. Here are six bromance moments from this past week’s episodes that had us giddy.

Warning: Spoilers ahead of recent episodes!

1. When Lee Su Ho teases Han Seo Jun

After Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Jun get hit by a car, the two are forced to share a hospital room together. The situation is pretty awkward as they are hardly even on speaking terms. But when Seo Jun’s mother visits him, she brings up the time when Seo Jun used to wet the bed, and Su Ho takes full advantage of this by poking fun at him.

This moment was so heartwarming as it is evident the two still care deeply about each other. It also shows that Su Ho still had good intentions for their friendship as we find out that he even visited Seo Jun’s mother in the hospital after her surgery. The history and life that they shared can hardly be ignored and it only shows the depth of their friendship. It was sweet seeing them bring up their past as it only evoked a sense of hoping that they could be friends again.

2. Seo Jun asking Su Ho for help

Su Ho hates that he has to ask Seo Jun for help, but he has no choice when he has to go to the washroom. He passive aggressively asks Seo Jun to escort him to the washroom to which Su Ho disgruntledly agrees. This sparks a relationship between the two where they help each other do daily tasks.

It works out perfectly that Seo Jun can’t use his arms and Su Ho can’t use his leg. The two are the perfect balance in this situation and are forced to help each other. There is even a point where Seo Jun helps Su Ho hide Ju Gyeong (Moon Ga Young) when their school friends come visit them in the hospital.

This part was hysterical but at the same time a bit heartbreaking, since Seo Jun is in a situation where he is helping the boyfriend of the girl he likes. Seo Jun is so naturally willing to help his best friend and crush that he’s willing to put his feelings aside. If that’s not bromance/romance, I don’t know what is!

3. Seo Jun feeling bad about Su Ho feeling guilty

Seo Jun overhears Su Ho talking with his dad about the situation with Se Yeon and how his dad was partially the reason why Se Yeon suffered before his death. Seo Jun finally realizes what really happened between Su Ho and their late friend Jung Se Yeon (SF9’s Chani). This immediately makes Seo Jun feel guilty as he had misunderstood their situation. Su Ho even gets a panic attack as a result of it.

Seo Jun takes it upon himself to make sure Su Ho is alive and well.

Seo Jun may seem like a tough guy, but he’s got a big heart. As soon as he finds out that Su Ho did not betrayed Se Yeon, he’s quick to forgive him. Seo Jun feels for his friend and quickly becomes sympathetic to the suffering Su Ho has had to endure as a result of having no one to rely on.

They quickly make amends and attempt a late night hospital breakout.

4. Seo Jun and Su Ho visiting their friends’ grave and bonding

On the anniversary of Se Yeon’s death, Seo Jun and Su Ho visit his grave. The two share a note that Se Yeon left for his two best friends. It’s a touching moment as Seo Jun and Su Ho are able to share an emotional moment together.


Su Ho and Seo Jun went through a very tragic event with the death of their best friend. It’s a lot for them to take on while being in high school, but the fact that they understand each other and can sympathize with each other speaks volumes. The two share a strong bond that can not be easily broken.

What made this part even cuter was the comic relief that followed the emotion-filled rekindling scene. Seo Jun and Su Ho are talking on a bench when a bunch of thugs come by and pick a fight with them. The two are forced to run away side by side.


The ramyun at Su Ho’s house after was the cherry on top of the cake. They looked so natural spending time together. Their bickering and teasing of each other was so heartfelt that you could really feel the love.

5. The boys knitting together

Su Ho asks Seo Jun to come meet him at the coffee shop to figure out what has been bothering Ju Gyeong as of late. The two start to talk when Seo Jun notices that Su Ho’s knitting skills are far from being perfect. He jumps in to help Su Ho.


At this point, the two are definitely feeling very chummy with each other. They have officially put their past behind them and are able to be best friends again. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but these two have a lot of history and love for each other. Seeing the two boys bond over knitting for Ju Gyeong was just too adorable and it made us want more!

6. Being each other’s partners in gym class

Su Ho and Seo Jun are even partners during gym class. Although it was not that significant of a moment, it was just so cute seeing them continue to tease each other while caring for each other deep down inside.


It’s another heart-warming moment of Seo Jun and Su Ho bonding. The school and their friends around them can hardly believe that they have made-up, but after their misunderstanding gets resolved, the two are able to be best friends again. They have such a love-hate relationship and we’re so here for it. Bromance goals!

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