3 Key Points To Anticipate In Upcoming Premiere Of “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)”

“Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” is premiering tonight!

The drama will tell the stories of three charming female protagonists in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who face unpredictable misfortunes, and it also deals with the trouble of married couples as they try to find true love.

Sung Hoon will play the lawyer Pan Sa Hyun, who fell in love with his wife Boo Hye Ryung (played by Lee Ga Ryung), a radio DJ, after seeing her play the drums. The couple has been married for three years and don’t have any children.

Lee Tae Gon will be Shin Yoo Shin, the sweet husband of Sa Pi Young (played by Park Joo Mi) and the director of a hospital’s neuropsychiatry department. Sa Pi Young is a producing director for the radio show, and she always does her best to take care of her home, children, and husband.

Jun Soo Kyung will take on the role of Lee Si Eun, the radio show’s main writer and the wife of Park Hae Ryoon (played by Jeon No Min), the dean of the department of theater and film at Sun Jin University. The two have been married for 30 years, and Lee Si Eun has given all her attention to her husband and children.

Here are three points to look out for in the drama’s first episode:

Writer Phoebe’s (Im Sung Han) brilliant script

Phoebe is a leading storyteller who is able to immerse the viewers with her engaging scripts. She wrote various popular dramas such as “Apgujeong Midnight Sun,” “Princess Aurora,” and “New Tales of Gisaeng.” Fans are highly looking forward to her next interesting story about three very different married couples.

Director Yoo Jung Joon and director Lee Seung Hoon’s sensuous production

As it is the first mini series that writer Phoebe is writing, there is a clear difference in production. The directors will work hard to complete a sensuous dramas that emphasizes speedy development and impactful scenes. Yoo Jung Joon is a master of delicate directing skills who doesn’t miss even the most subtle emotions between the characters. On the other hand, Lee Seung Hoon will amplify the tension with his skillful directing, and fans are looking forward to what kind of synergy they will create together.

The actors’ dramatic transformations

Sung Hoon, Lee Tae Gon, Lee Min Young, Park Joo Mi, Lee Ga Ryung, Jun Soo Kyung, and Jeon No Min will be going through unconventional transformations for this drama. Sung Hoon, Lee Tae Gon, and Jeon No Min, who revealed their gentle images in the teaser video, will shock viewers with their unpredictable, bold moves. They will exude the aura of “bad men” with various secrets and mysterious interactions.

Park Joo Mi will change into a lovely but sharp character, whereas Lee Ga Ryung will go back and forth between coldness and fury. Jun Soo Kyung will show a new side of her with her different role as a realistic character with a pitiful story. Furthermore, Lee Min Young will play Song Won, who causes turbulence in one of the couple’s relationship.

The production crew stated, “It will be a drama that will satisfy both those who have been waiting for Phoebe and those who have not. ‘Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce),’ which features a clear analysis of couples’ inner situations, is a drama that anyone can easily and comfortably watch, but it will leave a deeper lingering impression than any other couple drama. Please look forward to the first episode.”

“Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” will premiere on January 23 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Sung Hoon in the 2020 film “Are You In Love” here:

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