IU’s Agency Gives Further Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

On January 25, IU’s agency shared a statement to provide an update on their ongoing legal action against malicious commenters.

In June 2020, EDAM Entertainment released a statement that explained that several malicious commenters had been charged with fines and that others were currently under investigation.

The agency’s January 25 statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is EDAM Entertainment. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to the fans who love and support IU.

Last year, we announced that we would take strong legal action without leniency against malicious comments regarding our artist IU, which include malicious slander, spreading false rumors, sexual harassment, privacy violations, personal attacks, and defamation. We will now give another update about our progress in this matter.

From information received through our tip-off e-mail account, we learned that malicious comments regarding our artist have continued to be posted on a certain private online community.

We have collected new evidence through our own monitoring as well as evidence sent to us by fans, and we have filed additional complaints for investigation and have confirmed the identities of many of the perpetrators.

As some of the perpetrators were continually posting malicious comments including malicious slander, spreading false rumors, and defamation of character, they were indicted on charges including insult and defamation under the penal code and have been sentenced to fines.

Several other perpetrators who were summoned for investigation received a suspension of indictment under the condition of completion of education, after consideration of the fact that they were first time offenders.

We are continuing to file complaints regarding malicious comments against IU and her fans by collecting and supplementing new evidence gathered using our own monitoring and other resources.

Tip-offs from fans regarding exclusive online communities are especially helpful in the current situation.

We will continue to do our best to take legal action against those who write malicious comments regarding our artist, and we will take such action without any lenience or cooperation.

Furthermore, the agency has also recently received information regarding cases in which individuals have impersonated members of our staff or their acquaintances in order to spread false rumors or request money or other compensation. We will state once again that legal action will be taken against such offenses as they are clearly punishable crimes.

As EDAM Entertainment, we will listen attentively to the opinions of the fans and work hard in order to create warm and happy moments for IU and Uaena (fandom name).

Thank you.

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