QUIZ: Can You Guess The ENHYPEN Member?

There comes a time when we’ve looked at the beautiful faces of our biases long enough that we become as familiar with them as we are our own. We can easily find them in a large crowd, we can tell if they’ve been egregiously photoshopped in magazine shoots, and if they have a beauty mark, you can bet we know the exact spot it lies on their faces.

Now, do you think you can work the same magic with rookie boy group ENHYPEN? We’ve compiled some blocked out photos and zoomed-in body parts to test just how familiar you are with the boys. So, go ahead and…Guess! That! Member!

Learn more about the members on their reality show “ENHYPEN&Hi“:

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Were you familiar enough with the ENHYPEN boys that you could breeze through the quiz? Let us know your results in the comments below!

Belinda_C is so proud of how well the boys have been doing! To bigger and better things! Talk SEVENTEEN, and Shinhwa with her on Twitter!

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