Kim Myung Soo Talks About His Upcoming Enlistment, Working With Cast Of

Kim Myung Soo recently participated in an interview with Xportsnews about his recent drama, “Royal Secret Agent,” as well as his upcoming enlistment.

In “Royal Secret Agent,” Kim Myung Soo plays Sung Yi Kyum, who receives a sudden appointment as a secret inspector and undergoes a lot of personal growth. He said, “I tried to express Sung Yi Kyum’s personal growth as naturally as possible, so that viewers could relate to it.”

He continued, “The message of ‘Royal Secret Agent’ is becoming aware of one’s sense of justice. Sung Yi Kyum believes in justice at the start, but he doesn’t have a strong sense of values. But as he works as the secret royal inspector, he becomes angry at those who oppress and assault the weak. He grows into a character who champions justice and avenges evil behavior.”

About working with Kwon Nara and Lee Yi Kyung, he said, “We’re all really close. If we made a blooper, it’s because we knew each other so well and burst into laughter. They’re all really good people. I had great chemistry with Kwon Nara and became close with her. I think that her bright and refreshing personality is her strong point. Lee Yi Kyung improvises a lot on set and makes even the production staff laugh.”

Kim Myung Soo will begin his mandatory military service by enlisting in the Marines on February 22. He said, “I don’t have a special motivation or goal. All Korean men have to do their duty in defending the nation, and I’m just one of those men. I’ve always liked the image of the Marines, so I applied for voluntary enlistment before I began filming the drama. I want to serve well.”

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