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The upcoming JTBC drama “Beyond Evil” has given a new look at the “monster” who’s reawakening in the quiet village of Manyang.

“Beyond Evil” is a psychological thriller about two men who are willing to break rules and the law in their pursuit of a serial killer. As they attempt to track down the murderer, they must repeatedly ask themselves, “Who is the monster? Is it you? Is it me? Is it us?”

Yeo Jin Goo will star in the drama as Han Joo Won, a highly capable detective who seems to have everything going for him but harbors a hidden secret. He ends up transferring to the local police station in Manyang, where he becomes the partner of former violent crimes detective Lee Dong Shik (played by Shin Ha Kyun), who has been demoted to doing menial work. Lee Dong Shik’s life changes when he reencounters an old serial killer case that shook up his world 20 years ago.

On February 10, the drama shared a chilling highlight video that provides a hint at the suspense and mystery in store for viewers. It begins with Lee Dong Shik cutting through a field of reeds at night in the dark with a flashlight as the police station’s youngest member Oh Ji Hoon (played by Nam Yoon Soo) screams out for him in terror, begging him to come quickly. The scene foreshadows the unusual incident that has occurred in this seemingly peaceful village.

Then there’s another voice that’s addressing Lee Dong Shik—it’s his twin younger sister Lee Yoo Yeon (Moon Joo Yeon), who asks where he is and says there’ll be big trouble if he doesn’t come home today too. She looks frightened as she’s startled by something on the road at night. There’s a wall covered in newspaper cuttings about a “Missing Female College Student in Manyang, Munju City,” showing the tragedy that Lee Dong Shik has gone through. Han Joo Won drives by a banner in the village that reads “Please find our missing Yoo Yeon.”

He introduces himself at the police station, and he continues to keep his guard up around the locals as he pursues the truth. Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won have now become partners, and Lee Dong Shik warns him to be careful, saying there are no secrets in Manyang. Han Joo Won is then looking urgently around as he stands in a field of reeds, yelling out to Lee Dong Shik, “Are you playing with me right now?” Meanwhile, the village’s butcher Yoo Jae Yi (Choi Sung Eun) has also lost someone, as her mother went missing 20 years ago. She hits Han Joo Won in the back with an egg, yelling at him with her voice loaded with pent-up anger.

The suspense is increased by the reveal of Lee Dong Shik’s hidden past, when it’s shared that Lee Dong Shik was a suspect in two cases of murder and kidnapping in the past. “A suspect from 20 years ago reappeared in this village recently and is living here,” says Han Joo Won, and immediately the village is engulfed in chaos once again. The violent crimes division team leader Oh Ji Hwa (Kim Shin Rok) gives a distressed sigh and looks away, hinting at a horrible incident. It’s also clear that there are people who are trying to stop Han Joo Won’s investigation, and he’s shown searching in the dark through a storage room of files. The station’s chief constable Nam Sang Bae (Chun Ho Jin) warns him to stay still, while Han Joo Won’s father Han Gi Chan (Choi Jin Ho), pressures him by saying, “If you don’t do anything and stay still, then nothing bad will happen.”

Han Joo Won is unnerved by Lee Dong Shik’s laughter. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Shik’s old friend Park Jung Je (Choi Dae Hoon) tells him that a file’s gone missing, asking if he’s the one that took it, and Lee Dong Shik looks to the side as though struck by a thought. Over a clip of Lee Dong Shik smiling in a chilling way, he says in a voiceover, “Does it matter that much who did it?” Han Joo Won replies, “Why doesn’t it matter to you?” Han Joo Won points a gun at Lee Dong Shik, and in another scene, Lee Dong Shik breaks down in tears.

Watch the highlight video below!

“Beyond Evil” will premiere on February 19 at 11 p.m. KST.

In the meanwhile, watch Yeo Jin Goo in “Hotel Del Luna” below!

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