Im Se Mi Talks About Her Chemistry With Oh Eui Sik, Working With

Actress Im Se Mi sat down for an interview with Xportsnews to talk about the end of the drama “True Beauty.”

In “True Beauty,” Im Se Mi played Lim Hee Gyeong, the older sister of the main character Lim Ju Gyeong (played by Moon Ga Young). Her character was involved in a romance with Oh Eui Sik’s character, Han Joon Woo, a teacher at Lim Ju Gyeong’s high school.

Im Se Mi shared, “I do a lot of villain roles in dramas, so I get a lot of negative comments, but this time there weren’t any. It was a very lovable drama.” She added, “When I first got the script, I wasn’t sure how to act angry. But once I started filming, it felt refreshing to swear out loud and just get mad. My real personality is closer to Han Joon Woo’s, but after living as Hee Gyeong for six months, I think I became a little like her.”

About working with Moon Ga Young, she said, “She’s a really good person. I felt comfortable just talking to her. She’s someone whom I’ve liked for a while.” The two of them worked together in the drama “Heartstrings” in 2011. “It was great to see that she grew up so well.”

About her romance with Oh Eui Sik’s character, she said, “From the very start, he told me, ‘I’m going to trust you. You take the lead, and I’ll follow.’ He trusted his partner, so I could trust him as well.” The two characters ended up getting married in the final episode and she said, “Some of the people around me didn’t know that Oh Eui Sik already has a wife and a daughter and told me, ‘You guys should date for real.’ I took that to mean that our chemistry onscreen was really good. Before this, I had only ever played characters in unrequited love.”

She continued, “Usually a drama would end with the main characters getting married, but Ju Gyeong and Su Ho were too young. That’s why I think our characters got married instead.”

Im Se Mi was also asked if she was “Team Su Ho” or “Team Seo Jun,” referring to the love triangle between Lim Ju Gyeong, Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo), and Han Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop). She said, “To be honest, I was on the side of whoever Ju Gyeong liked best. But when I saw Move Entertainment’s Seo Jun being sad, I found myself thinking, ‘If it was going to be like this, I would’ve pushed for him more.'” She laughed and added, “What can you do? You have to be in the relationship you want to be in.”

About Hwang In Yeop and Cha Eun Woo, she said, “I remember the first time I met Hwang In Yeop, it was the ‘vomiting after drinking’ scene. They’re both really good people. They’re young, but mature and have bright personalities. They’re kind, good people.”

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