Kang Daniel Discusses Expressing His Own Experiences Through “PARANOIA,” His Potential Acting Debut, And More

On February 16, Kang Daniel held an online press conference for the release of his latest single “PARANOIA“!

Regarding this single, Kang Daniel shared, “It’s my first comeback in six months. These were album preparations that allowed me to find my roots again. Although it was released as a digital single, it’s a song that acts as a keyword for the story that will unfold in the future. It’s also a preview for the ‘COLOR’ series. It will definitely become a turning point.”

Kang Daniel added, “Performance-wise, we constructed it so that one could feel comfort but also stimulated.”

To expand on the meaning of “PARANOIA,” Kang Daniel shared, “The theme in itself is heavy and distant, but since I’m resolving feelings I’ve personally felt, I wanted to express them honestly. I believe this is a feeling everyone can relate to, there’s only a difference in the extent and the depth.”

He explained, “I’m thankful that I can display the feelings I’ve felt through music. The reason I put focus on such a dark aspect is because the majority of people are reluctant to bring this up. I wanted to confess my inner concerns and communicate them.”

The song also touches on Kang Daniel’s hiatus and he spoke about his love for fans throughout this hard time. He shared, “They’re the people who give meaning to my existence. On top of that, through my family, pets, and performances by overseas artists, I was able to ask myself what I was seeking while working in my career as a singer.”

Recently, it was revealed that Kang Daniel was in talks to make his acting debut in an upcoming Disney+ drama.

He shared, “My childhood dream was to be a movie director. I’m the type to go through entire filmographies. Acting is a field for experts. Although I’ve acted before in music videos, this opportunity came to me when I had an open mind and had been diligently preparing and thinking. I hope something I’m satisfied with can be created this year.”

Kang Daniel added, “This year, as an artist, I’m going to move forward without any regrets. Over a longer period of time, I want to remain as someone who is honest and natural.”

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