EXO's Kai Sports His New Collection With Gucci And Talks About Living Up To Fans' Expectations

EXO’s Kai has graced the cover of Esquire’s March issue!

Less than a year after Kai joined Esquire Korea for the magazine’s October issue, the artist returned to reveal the Kai x Gucci Capsule Collection for the first time.

During the short period in between, Kai launched his solo career with “Mmmh.” He explained, “Since the first plans started in March, I prepared for about eight months. I was in the midst of preparations during our last photo shoot. I contemplated a lot on how I can deliver my voice to fans in a new way when it is already familiar to them. At the same time, the approach had to be relatively familiar because it would be the first time the public would hear only my voice. I worked a lot to find a middle ground between new but familiar. I’m proud that a lot of people recognize my voice and enjoy the song. I’ll feel less pressured when I release my next album or song.”

Regarding his fans, Kai commented, “My fans have high standards. Liking me already means that their standards aren’t typical. I’m kidding, but my fans really do pay attention to the fine details. There must be various reasons as to why they like me, right? I think that I must satisfy all those reasons, and I have a big desire to match those small details. Whether it be dance, singing, fashion, or whatnot, I want to give fans the sense of satisfaction that I get myself. In order to do that, I have to put in a lot of effort.”

As the pictorial was in honor of Kai’s first collection with Gucci, the artist also commented on his outfits. He stated, “The Kai Capsule Collection is a collection that embodies my favorite animal, a bear. Gucci is a luxury brand and it doesn’t give off the feeling that it’s something you wear typically in your everyday life. But with the cute bear, it seems much more casual. I think you can express your style more adorably because there are bears everywhere. People from varying age ranges can wear it in their everyday lives too.”

Kai has been Gucci’s global ambassador for two years. Now with a collection named after him under his belt, Kai had some words for Gucci. He said, “This is the first time Gucci has launched a collection with a Korean celebrity. I am incredibly grateful and just as thrilled. It’s not easy to have a collection with your name. It’s a huge opportunity and an act of fortune, so I’m at a loss of words to describe how happy I am that it came to me.”

Kai further explained that the event means so much more to him because while he was a trainee, he never imagined such an opportunity would come to him. He also mentioned that he was incredibly touched when the brand sent him a coffee truck in celebration of his solo promotions at his last online fan meeting. Kai further explained, “Honestly, I didn’t know they would actually send one, so I was touched.” With a laugh, he said, “Actually, I really wanted to brag about it.”

On making variety show appearances, Kai said, “At first I was nervous, and it was burdensome to have to be funny, but I’m enjoying it these days. I also like that more people are getting to know me. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m funny, but it’s interesting to know that a lot of people find me funny.” With offline activities being limited due to social distancing measures, Kai shared that he was glad about participating in variety shows to continue interacting with fans.

Which outfit from the Kai Capsule Collection do you like most?

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