Park Hye Soo’s Agency Releases Further Statement On School Violence Allegations Following Report On Interview With Accuser

Park Hye Soo’s agency has responded to further accusations about the actress being an alleged perpetrator of school violence.

Recently, anonymous posts have been made online accusing Park Hye Soo of having committed school violence. Park Hye Soo’s agency Studio Santa Claus Entertainment released a statement denying the accusations and promising to take legal action. Meanwhile, her upcoming drama “Dear.M” has announced that it will delay its premiere.

On February 23, one of the alleged victims (henceforth called “K”) participated in an interview with the news outlet Sports World. “K” stepped forward as a representative for a chat room consisting of people who claim to be victims of harm inflicted by Park Hye Soo.

On her decision to post comments on Park Hye Soo’s social media account, “K” commented, “There were already a lot of accounts of Park Hye Soo’s school bullying on the Internet. I left a comment about the harm I suffered, and I thought my comment would get buried under everyone else’s. However, my comment was published in the media, and I was stunned since this is the first time something like this has happened to me. However, since it ended up like this I thought gathering the victims together and publicizing the matter would be the right thing to do.”

“K” then shared their own account of bullying. They said, “The first time I was hit was when I was 16 and Park Hye Soo was 17. She framed me and gave me a bad reputation. Then she called me to karaoke where there around 10 other boys and girls and hit me. She told each of them to hit me once. Three of them, including Park Hye Soo, slapped me on the cheek. For the second round, she called me to a shopping complex and slapped my cheek several times. For the third round, she called me to a playground inside an apartment complex and hit me in front of over 20 people. It was raining a lot that day but she kept slapping me.”

“K” continued, “She said her hand hurt and told her male friend to hit me. At this point my lips had split open, my nose was bleeding, and there were bruises on my ears. My clothes were covered with blood. I felt hurt less because of the physical pain and more because my pride was hurt. After this, she sent me a message saying, ‘Don’t come to the neighborhood of Daechi.’ As I was painfully making my way home, she ran up to me and hugged me and said, ‘You know I’m not doing this because I hate you, right?’ I got goosebumps. My friends worried that I would make a bad choice because of all of this. At that time I really wanted to.”

“K” went on to relay the content the messages sent by the other members of the chat room, saying, “She carried out violence, abusive language, intimidation, and extortion against the other students. She also smoked. She especially sent them on money errands.”

“K” also commented on the previous statement released by Park Hye Soo’s agency, in which they said that the accusations were false and they will take legal action. “When my classmates, seniors, and juniors saw that article they were dumbfounded and offered to provide their own testimonies,” they said. “There’s also people who said they would send pictures or their old cell phones, and people who are posting accounts of her school bullying on their main accounts with their real names. Those who have experienced school violence would know that this is something that definitely shouldn’t happen. I’m strong since I have people who support me. I don’t think I’m going to get worn out.”

“K” added, “Park Hye Soo either deceived her agency or didn’t tell them the whole truth. Everyone said it’s really unfair and that she’s crazy. Although what’s collected in this chat room is from around 10 people, there’s even more contact coming from other classmates. Are the memories of all of these people fabricated? It’s frustrating. In the agency’s official statement there’s phrases like, ‘This tramples on the character and rights of our actor,’ or ‘It undermines the value of social change to prevent and eradicate school violence.’ What was it about our character? Just like they said, the truth must be revealed for the sake of eradicating school violence.”

When asked what they wanted to say to Park Hye Soo, “K” responded, “Since she studied well and had a good family background, she avoided controversy during her school years. This time, she’s trying to avoid it by hiding behind a big agency. What we want is her acknowledgement and a sincere apology. School violence remains as a lifelong scar for both victims and their families. If it were possible, I would prefer for Park Hye Soo to not appear in broadcasts anymore. It’s tormenting. All of the victims think the same thing. The majority of the victims couldn’t receive an apology. I hope that she will acknowledge her past and reflect on it.”

On February 24, Park Hye Soo’s agency posted a statement responding to the additional accusations made and providing an update on their plan to take legal action against malicious slander. The statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is Studio Santa Claus Entertainment.

Someone describing themselves as a member of the group of victims has contacted our agency as well as the actress’s parents with vague remarks such as, “What are you going to do about this?” As the person called without revealing their identity, we are suspecting that they are either planning to pursue economic gain by means of a settlement or are using malicious methods to gather evidence.

We are currently collecting substantial evidence to prove that the information and accusations regarding the issue of school violence are false. In the process we are also discovering circumstances in which we possibly suspect the people who claim to be victims are doing so for economic gain as a malicious act of collaboration.

As such, we urge the people who claim to be victims to pursue official routes such as legal action in order to protect their rights, and we plan to do our best to respond to these accusations.

We firmly believe that the revelations regarding this matter are false, and we plan to secure evidence proving their falsehood and submit this evidence to the investigative authorities. We will be taking a zero-tolerance policy regarding this matter and will take an even more extensive and strong response by submitting more criminal complaints against thoughtless speculations and slander.

Thank you.

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