Jung Il Woo Transforms Into A Mysterious Rogue In Teaser Poster For Upcoming Historical Drama

MBN’s upcoming drama “Bossam – Stealing Fate” released a new teaser poster of Jung Il Woo!

Set in the Joseon dynasty, “Bossam – Stealing Fate” is a new historical drama starring Jung Il Woo as Ba Woo, a rogue with a mysterious identity who accidentally kidnaps a princess. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri will star as Soo Kyung, the princess in question, who is the widowed daughter of King Gwanghae.

Jung Il Woo’s new character Ba Woo is a mysterious man who has to hide his identity and live in poverty after being framed for conspiracy at a young age. He deals with all kinds of illegal matters like gambling, stealing, and fighting, and one of his main duties is connecting widows, who had no hopes of getting remarried, with new husbands.

The teaser poster shows Ba Woo being involved in an act of “bossam,” which is the practice of “secretly wrapping up a widow and stealing her away in the middle of the night to be remarried to a single man.” His firm yet intense eyes maximize his wild, rough charms, and he looks ready to sprint off with the figure over his shoulder.

Jung Il Woo made a major acting transformation to express the rough life and personality of Ba Woo. First, he changed his appearance. He grew out his facial hair and tied up his unkempt hair to highlight his character’s unruly nature. He also worked hard to change his tone and do the action scenes. According to the production team, Jung Il Woo seems like a different person on the drama set.

The production team shared, “This teaser poster implies the fate of Ba Woo through the Joseon custom of ‘bossam,’ which is what the drama revolves around. Please look forward to seeing what kind of story Ba Woo, who used to think of connecting two people who were blocked by real-life constraints as a mere job, will make with Soo Kyung, the woman he kidnapped to use for ‘bossam.'”

“Bossam – Stealing Fate” will premiere in May. Check out the first teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Jung Il Woo in “Sweet Munchies“:

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