PENTAGON Talks About Promoting Their Latest Comeback Without Jinho And Hui

On March 15, PENTAGON held an online media showcase for their comeback with their new mini album “LOVE or TAKE.”

As Jinho and Hui are currently completing their mandatory military service, members Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok were in attendance. The members talked about their new album, future goals, and how it felt to promote without Jinho and Hui.

Shinwon said, “Since the situation was that we were promoting without our leader or our oldest member, we had to steel our resolve more than ever. Since they couldn’t join us no matter how much they wanted to, the rest of us put in 150 percent more work.”

Hongseok said, “They both have such a huge presence that we couldn’t help but notice their absence, but we prepared so that at least our performances would not feel lacking.” Kino joked, “Our average height has increased though. We’ll show our growth in our skills as well.”

Yeo One assured fans by saying, “I hope that people will watch our promotions and think, ‘There’s no need to worry about them.’ We’re going to work harder than ever because we want to put on a performance that will make our hyungs proud.”

Yuto said, “We’re going to work hard during these promotions so that we have no regrets and no injuries.” Yan An added, “We worked hard to fill the gap that the two members left. Please look forward to it.”

Asked when they felt Jinho and Hui’s absence the most, Shinwon answered, “We felt it the most when we were doing overall album discussions or practicing together. We’re used to having a full stage, so there were times when we could feel an emptiness. As the leader and the oldest members, it felt like we had lost people we could always depend on. But in order to strengthen our teamwork and steel our resolve until the hyungs come back, we got matching rings.”

Wooseok shared some behind-the-scenes stories from the album and said, “I lost sleep for two months while working on the album. When I was most tired, the members would come into the studio and I’d turn on any beat and we’d do ciphers together. Each of us had 10 minutes to write lyrics and record, but it was a great way to release stress.”

Yan An said that he would give their new 110 points and said, “It’s our 11th mini album, so 110 points.”

About their future goals, Shinwon said, “We have a lot. This is our fifth year together, but our goal is to keep going for a long time with the same refreshing energy that makes five years seem like no time at all.”

PENTAGON dropped the mini album “LOVE or TAKE” on March 15 at 6 p.m. KST. Although Hui is not able to promote with the group, he co-wrote the title track and participated in the album production before his enlistment. Check out PENTAGON’s music video for their new title track “DO or NOT” here!

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