Watch: Former Agent Gong Yoo Strikes Up An Unlikely Friendship With Clone Park Bo Gum In Sci-Fi Film “Seobok”

Gong Yoo and Park Bo Gum’s upcoming movie “Seobok” has unveiled another trailer!

“Seobok” is a sci-fi film about a former intelligence agent named Ki Heon (played by Gong Yoo) who, for the final mission of his life, is tasked with ensuring the safe transportation of mankind’s first human clone. Park Bo Gum will star as the titular clone Seobok, who is the target of many forces seeking to steal the clone for themselves.

The trailer starts off with Seobok asking, “What does ‘forever’ mean?” Lead researcher Im Se Eun (Jang Young Nam), who created the clone, softly replies, “It means it never ends.”

The clip then shows a glimpse of Ki Heon who is given the task to help transport Seobok. During the transportation, Ki Heon attempts to be friendly to Seobok by stretching out his hand and introducing himself. Instead of shaking his hand, Seobook gazes at him questioningly.

Things go haywire when they get attacked out of nowhere. The two end up alone, and Ki Heon is given orders to keep Seobok safe until backup arrives. Ki Heon says, “It’s still dangerous. We need to go somewhere safe.” Seobok takes off his white mask and bluntly asks, “Why is it dangerous? Because I’m a clone that doesn’t die?”

The two then wander through a market that is bustling with people. Seobok asks if they can slow down, and when Ki Heon asks why, he realizes it’s because Seobok has never seen anything outside the lab before. Ki Heon comments, “I heard you lived in there your whole life. What did you do the whole day? All you did was get tested and eat meals your entire life?”

As time goes on, the two unexpectedly become friends, and Ki Heon realizes there’s more to Seobok than meets the eye. When enemies appear to end Seobok’s existence, Ki Heon forgets the orders he was given and makes it his life’s mission to protect the clone. The trailer ends with Seobok saying, “I keep thinking about my destiny.”

Watch the trailer below!

“Seobok” will be released on April 15 via the Korean streaming platform TVing and movie theaters in Korea.

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