Shim Eun Woo Admits To School Bullying Allegations + Shares Personal Apology

“The World of the Married” star Shim Eun Woo has shared a personal apology addressing the recent allegations of school bullying that were made against her.

Earlier this month, someone who claimed to have attended middle school with Shim Eun Woo made a post on an online community accusing the actress of school bullying. The former classmate alleged that while she had not suffered physical violence, she had been a victim of intense social ostracism and psychological bullying, and that Shim Eun Woo had taken the lead in subjecting her to extreme emotional abuse.

Shim Eun Woo’s agency initially issued a statement denying the allegations, claiming that the actress’s memories of the situation were unclear, but that she had been a model student who had “never engaged in misconduct.” The agency also stated that according to Shim Eun Woo’s recollection, one of her friends had fought with the writer of the post, and her group of friends had not gotten along with the classmate in question after that.

However, the older sister of the classmate who wrote the post soon made her own statement contradicting the agency’s claims, and she alleged that there were many witnesses who could back up her sister’s version of events.

On March 28, after meeting with her former classmate in person, Shim Eun Woo posted a personal apology acknowledging her wrongdoings and explaining her side of the story.

Shim Eun Woo’s full statement is as follows:

This is Shim Eun Woo.

I’m writing this in the hopes of expressing my feelings of apology to the classmate who was hurt by my past immature attitude.

Last month, when I came across the post that caused a controversy, I immediately tried to contact the individual [who wrote the post], and when I managed to get in touch with one of her family members, and I told them that I wanted to meet the individual in person to talk. However, as the issue received media attention, things began to snowball, and due to intensifying emotions, I was not able to meet with the individual [who wrote the post].

After that, I continuously thought carefully [about the past] and reached out to my friends from that time in many different ways to try to recall my memories of that time, but I was not able to clearly recall what had happened with the individual in question.

Thinking that the only thing to do was to hear what the individual [who wrote the post] had to say, I made another request to meet with her, and on March 25, we were able to hold a meeting with my agency and that classmate’s family. And I was able to hear the situation and feelings that that classmate experienced back in middle school.

I found out that due to the immature things I said to that classmate back in our school days, she still harbors deep emotional wounds that she should not have had to experience during her adolescence as a student. I realized that the words and actions I thoughtlessly directed at someone when I was young could remain with that person for a long time as wounds, and I spent time deeply worrying about the life I have lived up until now and my present-day self. Even though it is late, I would like to at least sincerely apologize now to that classmate.

In the future, as I live my life while making sure not to hurt others, I will endlessly look back on myself and work hard to become a better person. I apologize for having given many people cause for concern.

Finally, I would also like to sincerely apologize to my co-stars and those involved with my current project.

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