INFINITE’s Sunggyu Talks About Acting With IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eun Bi And Leaving Woolim Entertainment

INFINITE’s Sunggyu participated in a question-and-answer interview for his new solo single album “Won’t Forget You.”

Released on March 29, “Won’t Forget You” represents Sunggyu’s feelings for the fans who have been with him for 11 years, as well as a message of gratitude for Woollim Entertainment, with whom he recently parted ways.

NELL’s Kim Jong Wan, who has a long history of working with Sunggyu on music, participated in producing, writing, and composing all the songs. For the music video for “HUSH,” the title track, Sunggyu acted opposite IZ*ONE’s Kwon Eun Bi, who is signed under Woollim Entertainment.

Sunggyu said, “It was an honor [to work with Kim Jong Wan] again. He’s the person who inspired me to become a singer, so I’m always happy to work with him.”

He went on, “Whenever I work on a new album, I want to show a better side of me than I did before. I want to be a singer that people look forward to hearing.”

About working on the music video, he said, “Eun Bi appeared with me in the music video, but I’ve known her since she was little, so it wasn’t easy at first to act together. I’m grateful to Eun Bi for filming the video despite her busy schedule.”

Sunggyu named INFINITE’s first concert as the most notable moment of his idol career and said, “I was so nervous that day, but I was also so happy to be able to perform in front of the fans. It was an unforgettable moment.”

Asked about releasing his final album under Woollim Entertainment, he said, “Honestly, it felt really strange. On one hand, it felt like a relief, but on the other hand, I felt regret. Starting when I was young, I’ve spent more than 10 years with my family at Woollim Entertainment. Thank you so much and you’re going to keep seeing me in future! I love you.”

Sunggyu also shared a message for fans. “I hope that everyone is taking care of their health and experiencing only happiness,” he said. “Thank you so much for waiting for me and staying with me for a long time. Let’s stay strong!”

Check out the music video for “HUSH” here!

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