CIX Tests Negative For COVID-19

All five members of CIX tested negative for COVID-19.

A greeting event for Seunghun’s movie “Turn: The Street” was held on March 31. Five days later, C9 Entertainment revealed that an audience member from the event was confirmed to be COVID-19 positive. Though Seunghun had not come into close contact with the audience member, the group decided to get preemptively tested and opted out of participating in Ha Sung Woon’s “Midnight Idol Radio” show, which they were scheduled to appear on.

On April 6, C9 Entertainment revealed, “All CIX members were tested for COVID-19 on April 5 (Monday). All members tested negative.” CIX is a group with members Bae Jin Young, BX, Yonghee, Seunghun, and Hyunsuk. The group received confirmation allowing them to proceed with all scheduled activities and will move forward accordingly.

Here is the full statement released by C9 Entertainment:

Hi, this is C9 Entertainment.

The following details are about CIX’s test results for COVID-19.

For preemptive reasons, all members of CIX got tested for COVID-19 on Monday, April 5, and all members tested negative.

Therefore, after receiving confirmation from health authorities, CIX will proceed with scheduled activities starting today, April 6.

C9 Entertainment will strictly adhere to all social distancing measures and work to take good care of our artists’ health conditions.

We apologize for causing any concerns. We would like to thank all the fans for loving CIX as always.

Thank you.

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