ATEEZ Shares Thoughts On Taking No. 1 Spot In Initial Ranking For Round 1 Of “Kingdom”

ATEEZ recently participated in an interview where they talked about their reaction to taking the top spot on the first round of Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War”!

In the most recent episode of the idol competition show, ATEEZ put on a special performance of “WONDERLAND,” reinventing the popular song with a nautical theme reminiscent of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The performance earned them first place in the initial ranking, determined by expert judges’ evaluations and contestants’ votes. Points from fan votes and video view count will be added in later to determine the final ranking for the first round.

On April 16, in an exclusive interview with the news outlet Sports Chosun, ATEEZ talked about how it felt be in the No. 1 spot.

The group commented, “We want to show everyone, ‘This is who ATEEZ is!’ Ever since debut, we’ve promised each other to do our best for each and every performance. We hope that everyone will think that we’re working really hard, and that in continuation everyone will also think, ‘They’re also really good.’ We poured our heart and soul into the arrangement, the performance, and singing live, and we’re proud that our effort was visible in both the process and the result.”

Expressing their desire to work even harder after the opening performances, ATEEZ shared, “We’re really honored to have placed first in the first round, and while we really treasure it, we also learned a lot from the preparation process and had many chances to share serious thoughts with each other. It’s become a good memory just from those experiences alone. We’re also thankful it turned out well on broadcast.”

With anticipation rising for the next round where the groups will be covering each other’s songs, ATEEZ revealed how they plan to add their own spin to the upcoming performance. “We like all of the original songs so much so we really wanted to keep the group’s original feeling intact, but since we need to put on a new performance, we’re going to try to remake the song with our own unique vibe,” the group said. “Of course, we don’t want to miss out on a good score, and we also want to be complimented by the original artists. We’ll do our best.”

ATEEZ concluded, “With each round, all of the senior groups gave such good performances that we thought, ‘How could they still have things left to show? We really want to see their performance again on air!’ They all compete in good faith. Thanks to the other senior groups, we’re learning so much every week. Also, since we want to show everyone a performance that’s even better than the last, we can consider the past ATEEZ as our rivals. Please look forward to it.”

The next episode of “Kingdom” airs on April 22 at 7:50 p.m. KST.

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