Sadness Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against These 15 Mood Boosting K-Pop Bops

Music has the power to change your mood instantly, and these songs are definitely proof. No matter what you’re feeling, these bops can make any day better – so put your playlist together, and kick sadness to the curb with these 15 K-pop songs that are guaranteed to cheer you up any time.

1. Oh My Girl’s “Dolphin”

This song went viral for a reason – it’s completely irresistible! “Dolphin” by Oh My Girl is a guaranteed mood-booster, because there’s no way you can hear the iconic “da da da” and still be sad. Throw on this bop plus a couple more tracks from their “NONSTOP” album and you’re totally good to go.

2. SEVENTEEN’s “Oh My!”

Between the fun, lighthearted vocal lines to the punchy rap sections, this peppy song is like an immediate energizer. “Oh My” may have been released a couple of years ago, but its upbeat melody and catchy chorus hasn’t lost their charm. Plus, the choreography is super fun too!

3. Red Velvet’s “Power Up”

With its addictive beat and light, fresh vibe, this song just screams summer. Red Velvet is known for their ability to pull off pretty much any concept, but this sweet, sunny track seems like it couldn’t possibly have been done any better. It’s all about letting go and jamming with this one!

4. IU feat. BTSSuga’s “Eight”

“Eight” is definitely a bittersweet one, but it’s a song about moving on from sad memories and meeting in the happy ones. There’s just something about this track that really lifts you up, and the message that comes with this one is perfect for those days where you just can’t seem to get out of a sour mood.


This one is a little deceptive – while the cheerful melody and all-around party vibes might make you think that this is a celebratory track, “AH YEAH” is all about a clean break. It’s about not letting regrets weigh you down, and moving on from tough times with a clean conscience. Cheers to that!

6. BLACKPINK’s “Forever Young”

This underrated BLACKPINK banger features some fun electronic dance music and a chorus that just won’t quit. Plus, Lisa’s killer rap section is the kind of thing that’ll have you partying even when you’re by yourself. If you just want to dance your worries away, then this one’s for you!

7. TXT’s “Blue Hour”

A lot of TXT’s music is perfect for cheering up any blue day, but their most recent title track is a standout even among their upbeat discography. The magic of “Blue Hour” is all in the popping beat and stellar vocals, which will keep you coming back every time. It’s like happiness in a bottle!

8. Weeekly’s “After School”

There’s something in this track that seems to be a universal mood-booster, and you just can’t deny how addictive it is! Weeekly is a newer group, but their energizing music and adorable performances are leaving their mark on the K-pop world. “After School” is their most recent title track, and it’s been on repeat since it was released!

9. THE BOYZ’s “Bloom Bloom”

THE BOYZ may be known for their powerful dance music and incredible performance capabilities (check them out on “Kingdom” if you’ve never seen them before), but they also suit a cuter concept just as well. “Bloom Bloom” showcases their sweeter side, and it’ll definitely be stuck in your head for hours!

Check out “Kingdom” here:

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10. (G)I-DLE’s “DUMDi DUMDi”

Everything about this song, from the fun electronic backtrack to the bright vocals, makes it a total party anthem. It’s amazing how quickly this song can make you feel like you’re ready for anything, and the girl-power style of (G)I-DLE is an extra boost of sadness-busting stuff. It’s all about that beat!

11. ENHYPEN’s “10 Months”

This song is part of ENHYPEN’s debut album, and you can really hear all of the fresh energy that a new group brings. It’s fun and sunny without being over-the-top cutesy, and it somehow manages to cheer you up without you even realizing it. Here’s to hoping they bring out more tracks like this in the future!

12. MOMOLAND’s “BBoom BBoom”

This song was an instant sensation, and it’s easy to tell why! You’d probably be hard-pressed to find a K-pop fan that doesn’t know “BBoom BBoom,” and it’s all thanks to the catchy melody and iconic choreography. If you’re looking for the auditory equivalent of a happy pill, then look no further!

13. N.Flying’s “Rooftop”

If you’re not so much of a fan of the usual bubblegum K-pop sound but you still want that same mood-boosting power, then this is the song for you! The cool guitar line and effortless vocals make this song a total dream to listen to, and there’s something about that melody that makes worries wash away.

14. TWICE’s “Likey”

You really can’t go wrong in terms of mood-boosting songs when it comes to TWICE’s discography, but “Likey” holds something special. It’s totally addictive in all the right ways, and the chorus never fails to brighten up any day. Plus, that little breakdown in the rap section is one of TWICE’s best!

15. BTS’s “Anpanman”

This song is all about being your own hero, no matter how hard it seems – a cheerful message all in itself, but the energetic beat and fun melody are what really make this song an instant happy pill. Sadness is no match for this BTS track, and it is sure to make you smile no matter how down you feel.

What is your go-to mood boosting K-pop track? Share it in the comments below!

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