Update: Lee Jun Young, Kim Junsu, Shin Sung Rok Test Negative For COVID-19

Updated April 25 KST:

U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young has tested negative for COVID-19 after coming into contact with a confirmed patient.

Musical actor Son Jun Ho, who tested positive for COVID-19 on April 23, appeared on former golfer Park Se Ri’s Naver NOW show “Seri-zabeth” on April 21. On April 24, Park Se Ri also tested positive for COVID-19. Lee Jun Young also recently participated in a recording for “Seri-zabeth” on a different day. After learning of Park Se Ri’s positive test result, he was tested for COVID-19.

April 25, Lee Jun Young’s agency NH EMG revealed, “Lee Jun Young has tested negative for COVID-19 and is currently practicing self-quarantine.”

Because Lee Jun Young came into close contact with Park Se Ri, he will have to self-isolate for two weeks. Promotion plans for his upcoming KBS2 drama “Imitation,” which is slated to premiere on May 7, may be affected.

Lee Jun Young personally took to Twitter to speak about the situation. He wrote, “I apologize for unintentionally causing an inconvenience to the many staff and actors who are filming with me. I am okay. I will practice self-quarantine well.”

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Original Article:

On April 23, musical actor Son Jun Ho was revealed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

His agency, Sidus HQ, stated, “Recently, Son Jun Ho wasn’t feeling well, so he went to get tested voluntarily. He went into self-isolation after receiving a positive result. He is waiting for guidelines from the disease control authorities about the infection process. All the staff and other close contacts who crossed his path have been tested or will be tested as soon as possible.”

Son Jun Ho is set to star in the musical “Dracula.” A source from the musical stated to OSEN, “We learned about Son Jun Ho’s diagnosis [on the morning of April 23]. All of the actors who participated in rehearsal with him have been or will be tested. There are no changes to the performance schedule as of now.”

Two actors who are also in the “Dracula” musical with Son Jun Ho are Kim Junsu and Shin Sung Rok.

On April 24, C-JeS Entertainment stated, “After learning about his close contact with a positive case, Kim Junsu went to get tested on April 23 and received a negative result on April 24. As the government has designated him a close contact of the infected case, he will enter a period of self-quarantine.”

HB Entertainment stated, “After learning about Son Jun Ho’s diagnosis, Shin Sung Rok went to get tested and received a negative result on April 24. In accordance with government guidelines, despite the test results, he will enter a period of self-quarantine.”

Son Jun Ho’s wife, musical actress Kim So Hyun, tested negative for COVID-19 but will self-quarantine as a result of her husband’s diagnosis. Her scheduled performance in the musical “Phantom” was therefore canceled. The musical “Man of La Mancha,” which shares staff members with “Dracula,” also canceled their performance. The musicals “I Wish” and “Gwangju” also canceled their performances after actors Kim Do Hyun and Min Woo Hyuk were identified as contacts of Son Jun Ho.

Son Jun Ho and Kim Junsu appeared as guests on the Naver NOW show “Seri-zabeth,” which is hosted by former professional golfer Park Se Ri. On April 24, Park Se Ri tested positive for COVID-19 and entered isolation according to government guidelines. “Seri-zabeth” will not air until she returns, while “Playing Sisters,” one of her TV shows, will postpone their filming schedule but air their already-filmed episodes as usual.

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