7 Actors Who Are Fun To Watch On Variety Shows

Actors fill both the big and small screens with a handful of intriguing television and film works that keep viewers on the edges of their seats. How they lose themselves in their roles to create a distinctive character that impresses the audience is truly commendable. Yet, these same actors sometimes step into the more spontaneous stage of variety shows!

Being as real as they can ever be, here are actors who appear in variety shows, much to the entertainment of their fans and the general public alike.

1. Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi owes his acting career to many successful K-dramas, starting with his first lead role in “Brilliant Legacy.” Some of his other works include “My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho,” “Hwayugi,” and most recently “Mouse.

But when Lee Seung Gi is not acting, he wears his entertainer suit to join the cast of various shows. His first appearance in a variety show was in “2 Days & 1 Night” for about five years, followed by him co-hosting “Strong Heart” for three years. Other shows include “Master In the House” and “Busted!” as his latest variety show projects.

No matter which variety show cast he joins, Lee Seung Gi is quite the cheerful character. When he’s with adults, his playfulness, charm, and humor are always present. When he’s around kids, his cute and caring side pops. Either way, watching the actor step out of a scripted character into a more realistic version of himself is as charming as it is admirable.

Watch Lee Seung Gi’s caring side in “Little Forest”

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2. Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo’s acting career has been flourishing since her earliest roles. As her first K-drama “Princess Hours” became an instant hit and an important pillar in the Korean wave, her other roles in sageuk productions such as “Jumong” and “A Frozen Flower” further boosted her popularity in the television and film industry.

But acting is not the only thing that Song Ji Hyo is known for. Her long-lasting position as a permanent cast member of “Running Man” earned her international recognition. Her attitude on the show is simply delightful: she never shies away from showing her competitive side, where her fierceness and determination override that of her peers, guaranteeing pure entertainment in the process. Other variety shows the actress participated in include “Song Ji Hyo’s Beauty View,” “Song Ji Hyo’s Beautiful Life,” and “Pajama Friends.”

Watch Song Ji Hyo shine in “Song Ji Hyo’s Beautiful Life”

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3. Cha Eun Woo

The idol actor has been progressively making a name for himself with successful K-dramas such as “My ID Is Gangnam Beauty,” “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung,” and “True Beauty.” But Cha Eun Woo has also been cast in variety shows such as “Law of the Jungle,” “Handsome Tigers,” and “Master In the House.” The latter earned him a rookie award at the 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards, which subsequently put him on the variety show excellence map.

What makes him so interesting on these shows is his versatility in front of the camera. There are moments when he’s serious and confident, and others when he’s all shy and potentially clumsy. His charisma is ever so present no matter what he does on camera!

Watch Cha Eun Woo be his charming self in “Master In the House”:

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4. Lee Kwang Soo

Lee Kwang Soo is another “Running Man” alumnus. On top of his successful television and film works such as “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” “Confession,” and “Inseparable Bros,” the actor thrived as a cast member in “Running Man” before his recent departure. He also took part in the Netflix variety show “Busted!” as a main member during the first and third seasons, as well as being a guest in season two.

Out of the many things to like about Lee Kwang Soo, his silliness and spontaneity are my top two picks, since every scene he appears in is hysterical. He can also be very cute and caring – that is until his sneakiness resurfaces for the sake of winning a game!

Catch Lee Kwang Soo in “Running Man”:

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5. Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho took part in many acting gigs, but it wasn’t until he landed a main role in “Start-Up” that he made a breakthrough as an actor, thus boosting his popularity. Variety show-wise, he’s been part of the fourth season of “2 Days & 1 Night” for which he received the Rookie Award at the 2020 KBS Entertainment Awards. Watching Kim Seon Ho make his debut in this show was very rewarding, mainly because of his genuine reactions that make moments on the show funnier than anticipated. Also, the transition of his character from being innocent and clueless to becoming flustered when things get out of hand is the epitome of amusement.

Watch Kim Seon Ho’s variety debut in “2 Days & 1 Night”:

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6. Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon is no stranger to the small screen. The K-dramas he star in revolve more often than not around romantic comedy, such is the case of his roles in “Noble, My Love,” and “My Secret Romance.” His longest-running appearance in a variety show to date is on “Home Alone,” since 2017. Witnessing a raw version of Sung Hoon in this show away from his usually polished characters was a rewarding experience, especially when he revealed some habits and quirks that I couldn’t help but smile about.

Watch Sung Hoon be himself in “Home Alone”:

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7. Kim Dong Joon

Another idol-turned-actor that followed the variety show path is none other than Kim Dong Joon. His shows have been quite versatile throughout the years, as he is known for many notable works such as “A Company Man,” “The Fugitive of Joseon,” “Black,” and “About Time.

His versatility is also seen in his variety show appearances. He joined many popular shows such as “Law of the Jungle” and “Real Men” among others. His most recent variety appearance is in “Delicious Rendezvous” as of 2019. Whenever Kim Dong Joon appears in variety shows, his unshaken determination always ends up paying off. And his lively aura is so captivating that it makes you curious to watch more of him!

Watch Kim Dong Joon flaunt his inner chef in “Delicious Rendezvous”:

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Which actor do you enjoy most in variety shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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