Park Bo Gum Talks About His Film

Park Bo Gum took part in an interview where he talked about his recent movie “Seobok”!

“Seobok,” which premiered on April 15, is a sci-fi film about a former intelligence agent named Ki Heon (Gong Yoo) who, for the final mission of his life, is tasked with ensuring the safe transportation of mankind’s first human clone. Park Bo Gum stars as the titular clone Seobok, the target of many forces seeking to steal the clone for themselves.

In the interview, which took place before Park Bo Gum’s enlistment last August, the actor spoke about the reason why he decided to take part in the film. “What makes us human? Why do we need bioethics in science? ‘Seobok’ gave me time to think about humans and our lives,” he commented.

When asked about how he felt making his first appearance in a feature film, Park Bo Gum responded, “Since I was working together with director Lee Yong Joo and other senior actors, I was able to trust in them and immerse myself in my role. Whenever I prepare for a production my attitude is always the same. Since I believe that a production is not something I do alone, but rather something that everyone works toward together, I work to do my best in the situation I’m placed in.”

As for how he prepared for his role as Seobok, Park Bo Gum shared, “Portraying the character of Seobok wasn’t easy. Like a child who matured too quickly, he’s a character who has to constantly worry and anguish over his life and fate. I constructed the character over numerous conversations with the director. He told me that he would like if Seobok appeared dignified and not too young, so I thought about and studied how to convey that side of him.”

Park Bo Gum credited director Lee Yong Joo for always creating a good atmosphere on set and described how he always took his own opinion about his character into account. “Through the director I was able to consider my character more deeply, and thanks to him it was meaningful work,” he said.

The actor continued, “The director is an early adapter who has all the latest gadgets, and he understands the latest trends and seems like he’s ahead of his time. I got the feeling that he’s an open-minded person. From ‘Possessed’ to films such as ‘Architecture 101’ and ‘Seobok,’ he gives heavy stories a light air without making them too light. It’s an honor to work with him.”

In response to how it felt working alongside Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum said, “It was exciting, like, ‘Wow, it’s Gong Yoo!’ I couldn’t believe I was working on a film with him. I’m a fan to the point that I’ve watched nearly all of his productions, and I’m so honored and happy to meet him through ‘Seobok.'”

Park Bo Gum continued to compliment Gong Yoo as he shared, “I had a lot of worries while acting as Seobok, but he gave me encouraging advice to boost my confidence and took good care of me. Compared to the Ki Heon that I imagined while reading the script, he portrayed the role with even more emotional depth. I felt that his thoughts and passion for acting were amazing. He’s a senior actor that I want to work with again, and someone that I want to emulate in many ways.”

Next, he also shared his impressions working with Jang Young Nam, who played Im Se Eun. “In a previous interview, I mentioned Jang Young Nam as a senior actor who I wanted to work with, and I’m happy that that dream became a reality. When acting with her there were a lot of scenes where we had to look into each other’s eyes, and each time I could feel how much she cared for Seobok. I was glad that there were plenty of moments where we could exchange emotions while acting.”

Park Bo Gum commented on the filming set, which he said was enjoyable but also had the right amount of tenseness. “I received a lot of good energy from the staff and other actors, and I had a fun time filming since shooting in various cities made me feel like I was going on a trip,” he said.

Park Bo Gum shared that the scene at the end of the film when Seobok expressed his feelings at the laboratory was his most memorable scene. “I had to express complex emotions without any extra effects, and I had to act while imagining the CGI effects that would be added later,” he recalled. “I was a little awkward, but I was really looking forward to and curious about how the scene would look after post-production was completed.”

Reflecting on the key points of interest in the film, Park Bo Gum said, “I think it would be Ki Heon’s emotions, which change from the start of the film all the way to the end. I was able to feel Ki Heon’s desperate emotions through watching Gong Yoo’s acting on set. I remember being impressed by how he conveyed the slightest emotional changes, so I think it will leave an impression on the audience as well.”

Finishing off the interview with a message to the film’s audience, Park Bo Gum said, “‘Seobok’ carries the message of, ‘Human desire requires morality,’ as well as the message that one should be grateful for what they have. It’s a film that will make the viewer think various things. As ‘Seobok’ is a production in which the actors and staff worked hard to fit the story within the running time, I hope everyone will show the film lots of interest and love.”

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