Kim Jung Hyun Reveals His Contract With Agency Has Expired + Accuses Agency Of Spreading False Information

On May 12, Kim Jung Hyun’s representative released a statement to announce the expiration of his contract with O& Entertainment and address the actor’s health condition while filming the drama “Time” in 2018.

In 2018, Kim Jung Hyun came under fire for his unprofessional behavior at the press conference for “Time,” which he later stepped down from for health reasons. It was recently reported by Dispatch that his behavior had been manipulated by Seo Ye Ji, his girlfriend at the time. However, Seo Ye Ji’s agency denied that she had been the cause behind his behavior, and Kim Jung Hyun released an apology about the situation. Kim Jung Hyun was also revealed to be in conflict with his agency about whether his 11-month hiatus since his departure from “Time” should be included in the duration of his contract.

Read the new official statement from Kim Jung Hyun’s side below.

Hello. This is an official statement about actor Kim Jung Hyun’s former agency O& Entertainment and its parent company.

First of all, we inform you that Kim Jung Hyun’s contract with O& Entertainment has expired as of midnight today (May 12, 2021). From the moment the disagreement about the contract duration was raised until yesterday (May 11, 2021), the day the exclusive contract expired, Kim Jung Hyun and his brother who is his legal representative remained silent in order to avoid causing a messy fight despite having many unfair circumstances that were left unsaid and did their best to smoothly resolve all management-related issues through discussions with his former agency. While there were attempts [from the agency] to contact us for a discussion, the circumstances continuously raised suspicions about the agency’s authenticity and sincerity about reaching an agreement.

Hence, we have concluded that the agency and its parent company no longer have the intention to negotiate, and we would like to restore Kim Jung Hyun’s fallen honor and rectify factual errors with YUL Law Firm.

We remained silent about everything that has happened until now because Kim Jung Hyun feels guilty for failing to fulfill his responsibility as an actor by stepping down from the drama ‘Time’ and because he believed that apologizing for the chain of events was the first thing he should do. It was also an act of consideration for the agency that he felt apologetic towards as morally right. However, as time went by, [the agency] began making false claims and caused false information to be spread widely, so we would like to rectify this.

Even before he was cast in the drama ‘Time,’ Kim Jung Hyun showed health-related issues, and on the day of the press conference, he threw up and was in a very bad condition. However, his agency ignored this and pushed ahead with the scheduled activity, failing to fulfill their duty to protect their actor. Moreover, while going through the procedure of closing business after seeing a deficit each year, the agency only brought up the issue of Kim Jung Hyun’s contract expiration to the media and caused his reputation to be tarnished with this incomprehensible action.

From this moment on, we will take legal action and no longer overlook any behavior such as objections about his contract duration, defamation, and the spread of false information related to Kim Jung Hyun.

We thank the fans who trust and support Kim Jung Hyun. We also apologize for unintentionally bringing exhaustion upon the public and the press.

The same day, news outlet YTN Star revealed that they had obtained Kim Jung Hyun’s hospital records from a source close to Kim Jung Hyun. The records from January 7, 2019 to April 10, 2021 showed that he was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, panic disorder, sleep disorder, and having depressive episodes.

The source stated, “Even before he started ‘Time,’ he felt that something was wrong with his health and continuously informed the people around him and his agency about it. He wanted to reject the drama. But they pressed ahead with the drama, and he ultimately ended up stepping down. Kim Jung Hyun then personally visited the hospital to be examined. So the medical certificate was issued belatedly.”

YTN Star reported that the staff who worked with Kim Jung Hyun during “Time” had noticed that the actor was experiencing health issues and contemplated whether or not they should have him take part in the press conference.

In response, a source from O& Entertainment said in a call with YTN Star, “We did not hear anything from Kim Jung Hyun at the time. If it was serious, we would not have had him star in ‘Time.'”

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