Berry Good Officially Announces Disbandment

Berry Good has announced their disbandment.

On May 12, Berry Good’s agency posted a statement on their official Twitter account confirming Berry Good’s disbandment and detailing their future direction as an agency.

The full post reads as follows:

Hello! This is JTG Entertainment.

We are announcing that JTG Entertainment has merged with Starweave Entertainment.

JTG Entertainment had a long and sincere conversation with Berry Good members Johyun and Sehyung in order to find the best possible outcome for all parties.

As a result of that conversation, Johyun will join Starweave Entertainment, as there is time remaining on her contract with JTG Entertainment. In the future, Johyun plans to promote under Starweave Entertainment.

With the expiration of Sehyung’s contract with JTG Entertainment approaching, we have decided to respect her personal wishes by not renewing her contract, and we have mutually agreed to let the contract come to an end. We want to convey our deepest gratitude to Sehyung for doing her best to participate in Berry Good’s promotions, even during COVID-19 and other difficult situations.

Additionally, after facing hardship after hardship, we have decided to end girl group Berry Good’s promotions. We want to sincerely thank the ‘Berry Berry’ fans who have loved and cherished Berry Good all this time.

We ask for lots of encouragement and support for the future of the Berry Good members, who have left Berry Good and are now walking their individual paths.

Berry Good debuted as a five-member girl group in 2014 with the single album “Love Letter.” The group then went through some lineup changes before ending up with four members: Johyun, Seoyul, Sehyung, and Gowoon. In February 2021, Gowoon and Seoyul left the team after their contracts expired. The following month, both Johyun and JTG Entertainment denied the group’s disbandment.

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