Sandara Park Shares Her Thoughts On Leaving YG Entertainment After 17 Years

On May 17, Sandara Park took to social media to write about her thoughts on leaving her longtime agency, YG Entertainment.

Last week, it was confirmed that Sandara Park and YG Entertainment would be parting ways after the expiration of their exclusive contract. Sandara Park has been with YG Entertainment since 2004, making her debut with 2NE1 in 2009 and remaining with the agency after the group’s disbandment in 2016.

In her Instagram post, Sandara Park wrote:

In 2004, I came to an unfamiliar Korea with no one to lean on and knowing nothing. YG was the house, the hometown, the family that took care of me and taught me. I have left the place that became my rock, my everything, in order to make a new start.

I fell in love with the cool seniors who looked so hip and joined the “YG family,” becoming not just colleagues but members of a family. Somehow I’ve already spent 17 years growing and maturing with the company.

It felt like a dream to receive so much love, experience so many things, and even stand on stage with the brilliant members.

When 2NE1 disbanded, it felt like everything was falling apart.

But in the five years since, I’ve tried lots of different genres with the mindset of ‘Let’s start again from the beginning!’ I think that those past five years were a great asset for me and the reason that I am able to be so positive today.

However, the dearest wish in my heart was to stand on stage again. I really want to show myself standing on stage again for the Blackjacks [2NE1’s fandom name] and fans who have loved and cheered me on without fail. This has been my dream since I was in the second grade of elementary school, and it has never changed once.

This is the third stage of my life, marked by new challenges rather than stability, so I’m more excited than ever before.

More than anything, people, attachment, and the time I’ve spent with people are important to me. Saying goodbye is the most difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, I have made this big decision for the dream that I want as well as for those who have been waiting for me to achieve that dream.

Finally, I hope to see my 2NE1 members, whom I love and miss a lot, keep working in various areas, and pray that we will reunite again someday. Congratulations on our 12th anniversary together!

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