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Lee Je Hoon recently sat down for an interview to discuss his two latest projects “Move to Heaven” and “Taxi Driver”!

In “Move to Heaven,” Lee Je Hoon plays Jo Sang Gu, an ex-convict who suddenly becomes the guardian of Han Gu Ru (Tang Joon Sang), his nephew with Asperger’s syndrome. Together, they work as “trauma cleaners,” people who clean up crime scenes and organize the belongings of the deceased. Through the experience, they learn about the importance of life and death as well as family and communication.

As Jo Sang Gu is also an underground MMA fighter, Lee Je Hoon revealed the extent of preparation that was required for the role. He shared, “Since being an actor is already a showy career, I work out consistently and do not slack off. However, since the character of Sang Gu is an underground MMA fighter, he has to show himself shirtless. I figured there would need to be something clearly defined so I began working out really hard about four months before filming began.”

He continued, “It was to the point where I thought it was excessive. Without fail, I went six times a week from January 2, 2020. I wanted to show my peak so I really worked hard and exercised a lot.”

The actor also discussed his chemistry with co-star Tang Joon Sang. Lee Je Hoon shared, “Our age gap is 19 years. Since we have a generational gap, I initially wondered how we would overcome that. I worried that to Tang Joon Sang, I might be hard to approach as a senior, but he treated me comfortably so I was able to forget my age and we got along like brothers. That’s why I think Sang Gu and Gu Ru had such great chemistry.”

He continued, “I gained a great junior who’s good at acting. It feels like he’s become my life companion. After filming, I was giving Tang Joon Sang some advice and I thought, ‘[Our friendship] will go for a long time.’ He’s someone I can talk to endlessly without getting bored. Although Gu Ru was a difficult character to portray, he researched a lot, worked hard, and performed so incredibly. I believe that since he did so well, Sang Gu also attracted attention and ‘Move to Heaven’ was able to receive so much love.”

In addition to “Move to Heaven” being rated 19+ due to its depiction of smoking and violence, Lee Je Hoon is also currently appearing in the 19+ drama “Taxi Driver,” which includes many scenes of a provocative or cruel nature. This has playfully earned the actor the nickname “19+ person.”

Lee Je Hoon made everyone laugh by commenting, “I could not have thought of that nickname.” He added, “I don’t think it’ll be easy for me to give my opinion with regards to the classification of ratings.”

After premiering globally on Netflix on May 14, “Move to Heaven” has been gaining praise from viewers all over the world. Lee Je Hoon is also currently starring in SBS’s “Taxi Driver,” which airs Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m. KST.

Start watching “Taxi Driver” here!

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