Watch: “Taxi Driver” Cast Shares Final Closing Remarks As They Wrap Up Filming + Lee Je Hoon Voices Hopes For Season 2

SBS’s “Taxi Driver” released its final making-of video!

The new behind-the-scenes clip begins with Cha Ji Yeon yelling and celebrating for having finished filming. Starting with Cha Ji Yeon, the cast members take turns sharing their final remarks on the set. She comments, “When I introduced myself in front of the camera as we were starting, it was the beginning of last winter when we could see our breaths in the cold, but it’s already summer where we can wear short sleeves as we wrap up. This was the first drama I participated in, and I didn’t know I’d receive so much love. I was really thankful for everything, and I was very happy.”

After the cast finally finishes filming all the scenes, the director delivers flower gifts to all the actors. Lee Je Hoon pretends to cry as he thanks the production team and cast. He adds, “If I personally had any hopes, it’d be to continue the story of ‘Taxi Driver’ together while we stay healthy and happy.”

During the individual interviews, Kim Eui Sung thanks the viewers for tuning in to the show. He reveals, “I only have a lot of good memories of getting the strength to film thanks to the viewers who passionately loved our drama.” Pyo Ye Jin shares, “We’re almost done with filming, but honestly, I’m sad and can’t believe it’s real. I’m upset to the point that I think I’ll also have to watch until the final broadcast to believe it.”

Jang Hyuk Jin comments, “I think everyone’s strong cheers carried ‘Taxi Driver’ to this point. Thank you for loving us.” Bae Yoo Ram states, “I’m really proud of the actors and staff for hanging on strong while filming during this period with COVID-19.”

On her final day of filming, Esom reveals, “I really can’t believe it yet. I don’t know how it’ll be for the others, but I feel like there will be filming tomorrow, and it feels like it won’t end.” In her closing remarks, Esom thanks the viewers for working hard to tune in to “Taxi Driver.”

Finally, Lee Je Hoon shares, “Today is the final filming day for ‘Taxi Driver.’ I can’t believe it. We’ve worked hard to operate the taxi service since the end of October last year until now, so it’s bittersweet rather than a relief to say that we’re wrapping up today like this. I really don’t want this to end.”

He continues, “I’m grateful we can finish filming safely. Although it’s true that I’m sad we have to bid farewell to the viewers, we don’t know what will happen to us in the future. Since we can wrap up with that anticipation, I’ll try to wait it out. If they say they’re doing a second season, I’ll run over here in a heartbeat. If the viewers love us even more, support us, and wait for us, we may be able to start another story of ‘Taxi Driver’ someday. Thank you for tuning in and regularly viewing the show. I’m sincerely grateful for all of the love. I also won’t forget the role of Kim Do Gi. As I wait for the day I can play Kim Do Gi again, please stay healthy and happy. Let’s meet again.”

Watch the full making-of video below!

On May 29, “Taxi Driver” successfully ended its run at the top of its time slot. Not only was “Taxi Driver” the most-watched miniseries of the entire week, but it also achieved the fourth-highest ratings of any Friday-Saturday drama in SBS history, bested only by “The Penthouse 2,” “The Fiery Priest,” and “Stove League.”

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