Update: OMEGA X Reveals Debut Teasers For Yechan (Formerly 1THE9’s Shin Yechan)

Updated June 22 KST:

OMEGA X released a concept teaser photo and clip of Yechan (formerly 1THE9’s Shin Yechan) for the group’s debut with “VAMOS”!

Updated June 21 KST:

Jaehan (of Spectrum) is the next member to star in teasers for OMEGA X’s debut with “VAMOS”!

Updated June 20 KST:

OMEGA X shared a concept clip and photo of member Kevin (formerly known as ENOi’s Jinwoo) for the group’s debut with “VAMOS”!

Updated June 19 KST:

Sebin (of SNUPER) is the latest member of OMEGA X to star in his own concept clip and photo for their upcoming debut with “VAMOS”!

Updated June 18 KST:

OMEGA X has released teasers of Taedong (formerly of GIDONGDAE) for their upcoming debut!

Updated June 17 KST:

Debut concept teasers were revealed for OMEGA X’s Hwichan (formerly known as LIMITLESS’s Raychan)!

Updated June 16 KST:

OMEGA X unveiled concept teasers of member Junghoon (formerly known as ENOi’s J-Kid) for their debut!

Updated June 15 KST:

The debut concept photo and concept clip of OMEGA X’s Xen (formerly known as Jinwoo of 1TEAM) were released!

Updated June 14 KST:

OMEGA X shared a concept clip of Hangyeom (formerly of Seven O’Clock) for the group’s debut with “VAMOS”!

Updated June 14 KST:

OMEGA X has released Hangyeom (formerly of Seven O’Clock)’s first teaser for “VAMOS”!

Updated June 11 KST:

OMEGA X has released the track list for their upcoming debut mini album “VAMOS”!

Check it out below:

Updated June 8 KST: 

OMEGA X has released the teaser schedule leading up to their debut with “VAMOS” on June 30.

Original Article: 

OMEGA X has finally announced the date for their highly-anticipated debut!

Back in March, SPIRE Entertainment officially revealed the 11-member lineup for its new project group OMEGA X, which will consist entirely of idols who have already debuted in other groups (most of which have disbanded). Additionally, eight of the group’s 11 members have appeared on audition programs or survival shows such as Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” KBS 2TV’s “The Unit,” JTBC’s “MIXNINE,” and MBC’s “Under 19.”

The 11 members of OMEGA X, who went on to star in their own pre-debut reality show this spring, are Seven O’Clock’s Song Han Gyeom; SNUPER’s Sebin; 1THE9’s Shin Yechan; ENOi’s Han Junghoon (J-Kid), Yang Hyuk (Gun), and Park Jin Woo; Spectrum’s Jaehan; 1TEAM’s Jehyun and Jinwoo; LIMITLESS’s Lee Hwi Chan (Raychan); and GIDONGDAE’s Kim Tae Dong.

Although OMEGA X previously released a debut trailer and profile photos of the members, the group has now officially announced their debut date—and dropped their first teasers for their upcoming release.

OMEGA X will be debuting with their first mini album “VAMOS” on June 30 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out their first teasers for the album below!

Are you excited for OMEGA X’s debut? Stay tuned for updates!

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