Kim Ji Suk And Ha Seok Jin Share Honest Thoughts On Love, Marriage, And Dating

On the latest episode of “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”), Kim Ji Suk and Ha Seok Jin opened up about their changing views on dating and marriage.

Kim Ji Suk appeared as a guest on the June 4 broadcast of the MBC reality show, and at one point during the episode, he invited his “Problematic Men” co-stars Ha Seok Jin and Peppertones’ Lee Jang Won over to his house for a meal.

Pointing out that both Ha Seok Jin and Lee Jang Won are the eldest sons in their family, Kim Ji Suk asked, “Isn’t there any pressure from your parents [to get married]?” Ha Seok Jin replied, “Neither my younger brother nor I are married yet, so whenever we see our mom during the holidays or at family gatherings, she always asks, ‘Are you seeing anyone?'”

Kim Ji Suk went on to remark, “I think Seok Jin will be the first of us to get married.” Ha Seok Jin then asked him, “Do you want to get married?”

Kim Ji Suk responded, “I want to fall in love, rather than getting married. I don’t want to force things into the framework of marriage. Marriage should come next. I think dating someone because you want to get married is getting ahead of yourself.” Ha Seok Jin agreed, “Right. It’s more important to meet the right person first.”

However, Kim Ji Suk confessed that as he got older, it was hard not to feel pressured about settling down. “We’re older now, and we don’t have that much time,” said the actor. “So it’s hard to feel relaxed while dating, to just let things happen naturally. I keep overthinking things.”

Ha Seok Jin noted that the recent ban on social gatherings of five or more people (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) had made it difficult to meet new people. “So I’ve been making an effort these days,” he shared. “In the past, when someone asked if they could set me up with someone, I used to be a bit wary and try to suss things out first. Now, I’m willing to just meet the person first.”

Kim Ji Suk later commented that he, too, had decided to follow Ha Seok Jin’s example and be more open-minded about blind dates. “We all decided to keep an open mind,” he explained in the studio. “In the past, I used to ask about their age and worry about things like, ‘They must be thinking about marriage.’ I would get seriously ahead of myself and overthink everything unnecessarily. Now, I’ve become more relaxed.”

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