Watch: Sunmi And Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Talk About Their Approach As K-Pop Masters On “Girls Planet 999”

Sunmi and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany talked about the approach they plan to take as K-pop Masters on “Girls Planet 999.”

“Girls Planet 999” is a new survival program from Mnet starring female contestants from Korea, China, and Japan who have the same dream of debuting in an idol group despite having different languages and cultures. The growth of these girls as they head toward their goal will unfold in the imaginary world named “Girls Planet.”

Yeo Jin Goo is the show’s host, while Sunmi and Tiffany are the “K-pop Masters.”

In one teaser, Sunmi shared, “Tiffany and I have totally different dispositions, so I’m looking forward to our synergy and chemistry. It’s a bit embarrassing for me to say this myself, but you could say that we’re two of the pillars of the second generation of idols. With that in mind, I think that this is a monumental occasion.” She continued, “It’s exciting and an honor to be able to closely watch over and help the contestants as a K-pop artist. I want to be not just a senior who gives realistic advice as someone who has walked this path before, but also a comfortable older sister that you can depend on when things are hard. I’ll do my best toward the creation of amazing new K-pop idols.”

Tiffany said, “I think that the role of ‘K-pop Master’ is to be a mentor and a partner who can be cool-headed and sternly critical if necessary. I also want to help the contestants with their mental attitude. I’d like to be a master who is like ‘sunlight’ to them. It can make them stronger and be warm, but also sting at times.”

About the title of the show, Tiffany said, “When I heard the title, I immediately thought of ‘Girls’ Generation.’ It’s because my own career started with Girls’ Generation.” Sunmi said, “You might think of something delicate when you hear the word ‘girls,’ but I think of it rather as strong people who head toward their dreams without fear.”

Production director Kim Shin Young said, “These two artists have the common point of having dreamed of becoming a K-pop idol since they were young and working hard to get to where they are now. I think that they can provide a positive influence on those who are now trying to walk that same path. At the age of 18, Sunmi was one of the first girl group members to debut in the United States, while Tiffany moved from the United States to Korea to start a rigorous training system. I think that these experiences can form the basis for realistic and helpful advice and comfort for the contestants.”

“Girls Planet 999” will also have an “Expert Masters” lineup. One “Dance Master” is choreographer Baek Goo Young, who has worked with BoA, TVXQ, SHINee’s Taemin, and EXO’s Kai, while the other is Jang Joo Hee, who has worked with artists like Sunmi, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, and IZ*ONE. The “Vocal Masters” are Im Han Byul, a singer who has worked as a vocal director for groups like EXO, NCT, and Weki Meki, and Jo Ah Young, a vocal trainer who has worked with several K-pop idols including AB6IX and TWICE.

“Girls Planet 999” will begin airing sometime in August.

Check out Sunmi and Tiffany’s interview teaser (with English subtitles) below!

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