MONSTA X's Minhyuk, Kihyun, And Joohoney Share Stories From

MONSTA X shared behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of their latest music video!

On the June 16 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Kang Han Na’s Volume Up,” MONSTA X’s Minhyuk, Kihyun, and Joohoney appeared as guests and talked about their new album “One of a Kind,” their teamwork, and more.

For one scene in their new “GAMBLER” music video, Minhyuk had to grab Kihyun by his collar. Minhyuk shared, “I personally didn’t know that there was a scene where I had to grab someone’s collar. At first, it was really funny.”

Kihyun added, “It was on the storyboard [for the music video], but I didn’t know it was such a significant part. The director filmed it for so long, which made it hard. Since we were exhausted and having a hard time, we wanted to finish quickly, but Hyungwon kept laughing, so there were constantly bloopers.”

When asked about the secret to their teamwork, Joohoney responded, “I think it’s that we’ve performed at so many concerts. When you do a lot of concerts, your teamwork improves. Also, when we’re upset about something, we talk about it right away and resolve it. That’s how we don’t leave anything bottled up.”

Minhyuk continued, “To put it simply, we don’t have any hierarchy. We talk to and swear at each other informally like friends of the same age, so I think that’s the biggest thing.” Kihyun commented, “The leader has to be dependable. I think our team has been maintained well because Shownu is so dependable.”

Minhyuk also revealed that he recently overcame his fear of water and received his scuba diving license. He explained, “It’s a bit of a mystery to me too. I think I thought about quitting about 40 times. Whenever I got in the water, I would tell my teacher, ‘I can’t do it. Please send me back up [above the water].’ However, I just closed my eyes and grit my teeth, and it worked. I learned that nothing is impossible.”

He continued, “Even if I were to do it now, I think I’d still be scared. However, I guess this is the goal. Even if your fear doesn’t disappear, you still gain something.”

Kihyun chimed in, “I want to try getting something like a heavy machinery operating license, excavator license, or commercial driver’s license.” Joohoney added, “I wanted to get a Korean cuisine certificate, because I wanted to become a sweet guy. But these days, I’ve lost a lot of interest.”

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