Brave Girls Recalls Their 1st Reactions To “Chi Mat Ba Ram,” Shares Comeback Goals, And More

On June 17, Brave Girls held a showcase for their latest release “Summer Queen“!

This is the group’s first release in just 10 months after “We Ride” in August 2020. Within these 10 months, Brave Girls has seen an incredible amount of success with their songs “Rollin’,” “We Ride,” and “High Heels” climbing charts, landing them advertisements and variety show appearances. “Rollin'” has since gone on to the top of music charts, earning the group a perfect all-kill and seven music show wins.

Minyoung commented, “This comeback comes three months after the initial resurgence. This is the first time we’ve prepared and returned so quickly. Since so many people are supporting and looking forward to us, we plan to promote enjoyably. This is the first time since we’ve debuted that I prepared so happily and excitedly.”

Eunji shared, “The music video was playing earlier and I teared up. I tried not to cry thinking that I only would if we won first place. Getting to this point was really hard. Even during ‘Rollin’, we had such earnest hearts. We feel the same now and will do our best with a grateful heart.”

As the title implies, Brave Girls’ fifth mini album “Summer Queen” is full of bright and fun songs. Regarding the first time they heard title track “Chi Mat Ba Ram,” Minyoung explained, “As soon as I heard it, I thought it was our title track.” Yuna added, “Right from the intro I thought, ‘This is the song.'”

The girls also expressed their confusion at the song title, sharing, “We were flustered when we heard it at first too. Our CEO Brave Brothers explained that it wasn’t a dictionary definition of combining ‘skirt’ and ‘wind’ but rather a ‘new wind’ that Brave Girls have created.”

Their summery music video was filmed at the same place they shot the new version of “Rollin'” in 2018. Yujeong explained, “It’s Yangyang [a county in Gangwon Province]. When we went this time, a lot of people recognized us. The café manager there even gifted us coffee. We were so thankful.”

When discussing their upcoming plans to communicate with fans, Yuna shared, “We’re planning a video fan meeting. Since it’s hard to meet in person, we’re trying to communicate through social media.” Minyoung added, “We’re also planning our own reality variety show. We’ll show you a lot of different images.”

The group also touched on feeling pressure from their recent success. Yujeong commented, “There wasn’t not any pressure. This is the first time we’ve received so much attention since our debut. Just three months ago, we were just playing. It’d be a lie if we said there was no pressure. We’re trying our best to shake it off.”

To any junior artists who have yet to see the spotlight, Minyoung shared, “There are a lot of people who are struggling. We want to become hope for those people. We worked hard preparing for this album so we hope you receive positive energy while you listen to it.”

In terms of their goal for this comeback, Minyoung explained, “Our album title is ‘Summer Queen.’ We talked a lot about this during our resurgence but we directly put this in our album. Through this opportunity, we want to establish ourselves as the group people think about during the summer.” Eunji added, “A lot of groups are promoting right now but we also want to do well on the charts.”

Lastly, Minyoung commented, “To be honest, we didn’t used to have an identity. We want to become a group that is able to show an image that the public desires. We’ll work to become a friendly group that you can easily approach and feels like they’d be next door.”

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