Han Ye Seul To Take Legal Action Against YouTubers And Hate Commenters For Spreading False Rumors

Actress Han Ye Seul will be taking legal action against the recent spread of rumors and reports about her private life.

Over the past few weeks, Han Ye Seul has been swept up in various rumors about her personal life. Some of the rumors include allegations about her new boyfriend having been in the adult entertainment industry and accusations that she is the actress involved in the Burning Sun scandal, all of which she has denied. One of the driving forces behind the rumors is a YouTuber named Kim Yong Ho, who has made several allegations about Han Ye Seul and other famous Korean actresses on his YouTube channel.

On June 21, both Han Ye Seul and her legal representatives released statements about the issue.

Her law firm stated:

Hello, this is actress Han Ye Seul’s legal representative, the law firm Tae Pyeong Yang.

We are planning to file lawsuits on charges of defamation and slander against the YouTube channel “Kim Yong Ho Entertainment Head” and other YouTube channels that have been spreading false rumors and expressing offensive content about our client. We are also filing lawsuits against those who write hate comments that spread these false rumors and cross the line in expressing malicious intent.

In addition, our law firm will continue to actively monitor YouTube channels and hate comments and posts about our client and take decisive legal action as required.

We will also be releasing Han Ye Seul’s official statement about the matter below.

Thank you.

Han Ye Seul’s statement reads:

Hello, this is Han Ye Seul.

The more that I open my mouth to speak the truth, the more that videos with unspeakable content are spread online. This extreme content immediately becomes the subject of headlines and articles. Seeing my private life spreading everywhere, and false information at that, has made me determined to pursue justice until the end. These are my honest thoughts.

It is true that my current boyfriend is an employee at my personal business. He is the person that I trust the most, and I wanted him to help me with my work, so I suggested that he become an employee. I got the car under the company’s name, but it is not true that I charged it as expenses in order to evade taxes. It is not possible to charge this car as expenses. I have no idea how the contracts, which were meant to be secure, have been spread online, but I will find out through the law.

From room salons to drugs and now tax evasion…

As a woman, I know from personal experience that these humiliating stories will follow me like curses for the rest of my life, and that no one will take responsibility for making my future into one in which I will have to live stigmatized as a criminal. I know that I might suffer even more if I break my silence and that it might become even harder to endure, but I have chosen not to remain silent in the face of the shocking reality that these things are allowed in our society.

Is it right that underhanded information and tip-offs that have not been verified as accurate should be written with the same meaning as if it were the truth? Who gives others the right to proudly trample all over someone’s life?

Even though so many victims have suffered from this abnormal behavior, the deplorable reality is that this behavior is permitted, and in some cases, even supported rather than punished.

I don’t know what it means to be “cool,” but since my previous mindset of taking the high road was interpreted as admitting all the rumors to be true, I will no longer be “cool” about dealing with the rumors.

Even if it’s ill-advised, I will continue to fight this battle for the fans and industry personnel who trust me, for the team members that work with me, and for the ones that I love.

Finally, I earnestly request to the media and to all those who are watching that you wait for the results that will be revealed through court. I ask this as a person who is going through a painful and difficult time and needs all her strength to fight. I also promise to return even more brightly as the actress Han Ye Seul to repay those who have trusted and shown their love for me.

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