Watch: Sunmi And Girls' Generation's Tiffany Look Back On Their Careers And Give Advice To

“Girls Planet 999” has revealed a new teaser featuring their K-pop Masters Sunmi and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany!

“Girls Planet 999” is a new Mnet survival program starring female contestants from Korea, China, and Japan who all dream of debuting in an idol group despite having different languages and cultures. The growth of these girls as they head toward their goal will unfold in the imaginary world named “Girls Planet.” Yeo Jin Goo will host the show, while Sunmi and Tiffany are the “K-pop Masters.”

In the new teaser, the ladies excitedly greet each other and start discussing how they both debuted in 2007. Sunmi shares, “These days, they never ask about ‘rivals'” and Tiffany responds, “We got that question so often.” Although they were once pitted against each other, they share their excitement to now be able to unite as K-pop Masters for the show.

Later, Sunmi reveals that she once went to an SM Entertainment audition, explaining, “I first went when I was in fifth grade to the infamous ‘Saturday Open Audition.'” She adds, “The casting manager pulled me aside for a minute.” Tiffany chimes in, “That’s the woman who cast me!”

Tiffany asks about Wonder Girls’ venture into the American market and Sunmi responds, “I was 18 years old [in Korean age] when we went to the United States. There was a language barrier, the food didn’t fit with my taste, and I was so young. I cried every night. The situation was just so unfamiliar.”

Sharing her similar but opposite experience, Tiffany continues, “When I went to my first radio show in Korea, I couldn’t read the script. They told me to read the ad, but I couldn’t read it quickly.” Despite their hardships, Sunmi adds, “Looking back now, I’m able to say, ‘I was able to experience something so cool.'”

To the “Girls Planet 999” contestants, Tiffany comments, “Three months may seem like a long journey, but I want to remind them that each and every step is their own.”

Regarding what kind of Master she thinks she’ll become, Sunmi shares, “What I’m good at is relating [to others] and comforting them. But, I have to be stern in this short period of time to be of help in the long run.” They both reveal that they think being strict will make them cry behind the scenes and promise not to cry in front of the contestants.

The two then express their curiosity at the program’s “Planet Master,” teasing their meeting with host Yeo Jin Goo! Stay tuned for part two and watch the first teaser below:

Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999” will premiere this August.

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