Watch: Lee Ha Na Has Fun Playing Both Old And New Roles In “Voice 4”

tvN has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the second episode of “Voice 4”!

“Voice 4” is the new season of “Voice,” a drama series about an emergency call center and the employees who fight crime using the limited information from the calls they receive.


The fourth season features a new villain called Circus Man, who has the same extraordinary hearing abilities as Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na), the ace voice profiler of the Golden Time Team. Song Seung Heon also joins the season as Derek Jo, a police officer with the LAPD.

The behind-the-scenes clip opens with a chilling scene featuring the villains. In the freezing cold and snow, three people in black cloaks walk along a dark lane. However, the camera zooms up to show the adorable reality behind the frightening shot: Lee Ha Na, Kim Yoo Nam, and Ji Geon Woo waving excitedly and exchanging friendly laughter.

Each of the three actors plays a different member of the “Circus Man” gang, with Lee Ha Na taking on a dual role this season as a villain who looks exactly like Kang Kwon Joo and has the same extraordinary hearing abilities. Kim Yoo Nam and Lee Ha Na wear thick makeup for their roles and bond over that experience. Ji Geon Woo jokes, “Minus 15 degrees Celsius [5 degrees Fahrenheit]? That’s not cold, just refreshing.”

Lee Ha Na’s warmhearted personality shines through the cold and her makeup as the staff members call out, “Unni! You look cute!” as she stands in her parka on the hill. She says, “It’s cold, but I’m excited to be back on the set of ‘Voice.’ It’s a very important scene, so I focused a lot on making strong facial expressions.”

Meanwhile, Song Seung Heon was literally thrown headfirst into the new season as his first scenes all involved action stunts. He dives into the glass window of a bus as an explosion occurs behind him and acts out a scene in which his sister is trapped in the trunk of a car. Unfortunately, he accidentally opens the trunk when it’s supposed to be locked, and he immediately walks away as if nothing has happened, to the amusement of the production staff.

Unlike the first scene, Lee Ha Na is back in her element at the police station, sharing old jokes with the other members of the Golden Time Team and teasing the staff. She and Song Seung Heon also have a great back-and-forth relationship off-camera despite their characters being in conflict in their scene.

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Watch the first episode of “Voice 4” below!

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