7 Fairy Tale-Inspired K-Pop MVs That Are Simply Magical

The production quality of K-pop music videos has had an exponential evolution over the years. With said quality comes a versatile range of concepts that blow fans’ minds every single time. One of the recurrent themes is fairy tales, and the aesthetics behind it are absolutely marvelous.

As an update to a previous feature, here are seven fairy tale-inspired K-pop MVs that are simply magical.

1. GFRIEND – “Apple”

GFRIEND surely has had many mesmerizing concepts. In “Apple,” the sextet draws inspiration from Snow White’s tale and the infamous poison apple. With the royal setting of the garden and the hallways, plus the white wardrobe that screams “Fairest of all the land,” it is fair to say that there is a dormant princess in each and every one of the members. Even the evil stepmother earned a nod in the music video. Find out how!

2. Davichi – “Turtle”

From the white rabbit to the pocket watch, there is a little bit of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” all over this MV. The only difference between the classic story and Davichi’s is that the latter has a lighter storyline with lots of warm and cheerful discoveries along the way – except for the very last scene.

3. ASTRO – “Blue Flame”

ASTRO picks a page from “Beauty and The Beast” as they take us into an adventure full of suspense. The members do their best to reverse the darkness that flooded the world after its exposure to the Beast’s flower. The intensity of the choreography makes this rendition quite captivating.

4. Oh My Girl – “WINDY DAY”

While this MV isn’t exactly inspired by a specific fairy tale, it still has magic spelled all over it. It’s needless to say that Oh My Girl has always been known for their enchanting concepts, and this is but one of them. The wind alone gives the story its mystic vibe, and the members dressed as bohemian princesses are basically the cherry on the cake.

5. Kim Dong Ryul feat. IU – “Fairy tale”

IU is no stranger to fairy tale concepts, having “Red Shoes” and “23” under her belt. She joins Kim Dong Ryul to create a fairy tale-worthy ballad that highlights children’s curiosity and how it slowly fades away as they grow up. This is a sweet reminder that each one of us has imagined their own fairy tale at some point when we were kids, and it is okay to still hold on to that dreamy and adventurous tale even as we grow old.

6. Dreamcatcher – “Deja Vu”

All of Dreamcatcher’s music videos are straight out of a fairy tale. As they mostly embrace dark concepts, this one fits right under the category of an epic medieval tale of power, love, and betrayal. Albeit each being crowned in their own respective kingdoms, havoc is wreaked among the members as they go into a fight to the death for the ultimate throne. Although it isn’t confirmed, it seems as if there is a hint of the legend of King Arthur embedded in this MV.

7. BTS’s Jimin – “Serendipity”

As mentioned in a previous feature, it didn’t take long for fans to start theories saying that this bright and colorful MV is a homage to “The Little Prince” where Jimin plays the main character. In the clip, Yellow is the dominant color just like the novella’s cover, and there are plenty of cosmic references that serve as a reminder of some of the story’s components.

Which fairy tale-based K-pop MV is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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