On the July 3 episode of SBS’s audition program “LOUD,” the results of Round 2 were revealed.

“LOUD” is a new audition program from JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young and P NATION founder PSY, who will create two new boy groups that will debut separately under their respective agencies.


Continuing the head-to-head team battles from last week, Woo Kyung Jun and Kim Dae Hui covered Block B’s “NalinA,” while Kim Jeong Min and Park Yong Geon covered EXO’s “Growl.” Kim Jeong Min and Park Yong Geon’s team won the round and Kim Dae Hui became a candidate for elimination.

The last battle of Round 2 was between the team of Eun Hwi, Justin Kim, and Kim Dong Hyun and the team of Song Si Hyun and Daniel Jikal. Unlike the previous cover battles, this was a “creative” battle, with each team producing or remaking tracks to perform.

In their early discussions, Daniel Jikal asked Song Si Hyun for music suggestions that could show off his camera skills. Song Si Hyun played him one of the songs that he had made and the two of them came up with ideas for the performance. But Park Jin Young critiqued, “It should sound like a hit song but it doesn’t sound like one. Let’s change the base song,” and suggested they remake the song “VVS.”

Song Si Hyun and Daniel Jikal had to redo their entire performance from scratch within a week. After their performance, PSY said, “It was a cool performance from start to finish. If I had to point out some issues, Si Hyun’s rap skills still aren’t quite as good as his producing skills. There were times when he got ahead or fell behind the beat.” Park Jin Young said, “I think that Si Hyun’s remake was quite sophisticated. Daniel’s rap was quite impressive and his voice carried well.”

Eun Hwi, Justin Kim, and Kim Dong Hyun performed the track “CCHILL,” which Eun Hwi produced. Before the performance even began, PSY praised, “It’s a song that I’d like to purchase as an agency CEO. It’s really good.” After the performance, Park Jin Young said, “Your acoustic sense is on the level of a professional producer. If you were to write a song right now and I was asked to guess if it was made by an amateur or a professional, I wouldn’t be able to guess. The chorus was really good.” He also praised Justin Kim and Kim Dong Hyun’s rap and said, “The lyrics were unbelievably good.” PSY said to Eun Hwi, “I think this is an important day for you as a musician. You made a really good song and took good care of the younger members.”

Song Si Hyun and Daniel Jikal lost the round and Song Si Hyun became a candidate for elimination.

In total, there were eight candidates for elimination in Round 2, made up of the contestants who got the lowest scores in each team battle. These candidates’ individual and team scores were added together and the three contestants with the highest scores would move on to the next round, while the remaining five would be eliminated.

Na Yun Seo (372 points), Lim Kyeong Mun (367 points), and Okamoto Keiju (355 points) moved to the next round. The five eliminated contestants at the end of Round 2 were Song Si Hyun, Kang Gie Mook, Kim Dae Hui, Hong Yeon Sung, and Ellery Hyeon Bae.

The episode also showed the start of Round 3, which is the “JYP Round,” where Park Jin Young will divide the contestants in groups and give them missions. This round is meant to demonstrate what the process of being in an idol group at JYP Entertainment would be like. Park Jin Young invited PSY to the JYPE building and told PSY, “You can train your trainees directly right now, but when your agency becomes bigger, you’ll only know them once they’ve been chosen for debut.” But PSY replied, “I want to keep teaching them one-on-one even when the agency gets bigger.”

The first performance of Round 3 was Jang Hyun Soo, Kim Dong Hyun, and Kang Hyun Woo (the music creator team) with their self-produced track “COIN.”

Lee Gye Hun, Oh Sung Jun, and Do Min Kyu followed up with “Gae Hwa,” and Yoon Min, Justin Kim, Daniel Jikal, and Eun Hwi were next with “Unboxing (Toy Story).”

“LOUD” airs every Saturday at 9 p.m. KST and is available on Viki.

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