Watch: Eugene, Uhm Ki Joon, And Choi Ye Bin Are Both Courageous And Fearful While Filming Cliff Scene For

The Penthouse 3” unveiled a new making-of video!


The video begins with Kim So Yeon (playing Cheon Seo Jin) standing on the stage of the newly built Chungah Arts Center while the Hera Palace residents come to congratulate her. Though Eugene (playing Oh Yoon Hee) initially holds a bundle of flowers to hand to Kim So Yeon, they decide to remove the prop because it doesn’t match her lines.

Eugene opens the door to the concert hall and walks down the aisle while delivering her lines, but she forgets her lines in the middle and tries again. She struggles with opening the door, and she later comments, “The door is like a boulder! It’s so heavy.” Bong Tae Gyu (playing Lee Gyu Jin) replies, “We had a hard time with it too,” and Yoon Joo Hee (playing Go Sang Ah) adds, “It won’t open. The three of us opened it together.”

Next, Eugene and Uhm Ki Joon (playing Joo Dan Tae) are filming their scene at the cliff. Eugene fearlessly approaches the edge of the cliff and remarks, “Even if I fall, I’m okay as long as the water is clean.” Uhm Ki Joon also looks down the cliff and quickly turns back, saying, “I have a fear of heights.”

After the sun sets, they are joined by Choi Ye Bin (playing Ha Eun Byul), who tells Eugene that she’s scared to film at the cliff. Choi Ye Bin asks Eugene how Kim So Yeon filmed her previous scene at the cliff, and she is shocked to hear that Kim So Yeon really acted out the fall herself while attached to wires.

The staff member filming the video asks Choi Ye Bin, “Didn’t your mom teach you how to swim?” referring to a scene from the drama. Choi Ye Bin replies, “She taught me how to breathe, but she didn’t teach me how to swim. Even underwater, she only taught me how to sing.” Asked if she can actually swim, she shares, “I can move around, but I can’t swim well enough to survive in a place like this.”

A drone is used to film the cars without the actors, and Eugene comments, “It’s so loud. It’s like a giant fly.” Choi Ye Bin laughs at her remark, and Uhm Ki Joon explains, “Drones that are smaller than that are a bit more quiet.”

Then, it’s time for the actors to play their part. The staff and Eugene communicate the details of the scene where Oh Yoon Hee pushes her car with all her might to save Ha Eun Byul, and Eugene pulls it off perfectly once the cameras start rolling.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video with English subtitles below!

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